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Tuwana Nicole


Servant of Yahweh & Disciple of Yeshua https://betterthanblessed.com



How to pack hour weekend bag! #travellight #savemoney #weekendgetaway #travelwithapurpose #travelonabudget #betterthanblessedtravels betterthanblessed.com created by Tuwana Nicole with Beatstar's Chosen (Instrumental)
Six months ago 11/20/22 today I said #Ido to the man that I thought I would spend the rest of my life with. I overlooked the red flags because I had known of him for 12 years. I thought surely I would be safe with him, he’s a pastor! Boy was I wrong! I share this short video in hopes that it will encourage you NOT to overlook the red flags 🚩 and to NEVER assume someone will be safe just because you know their representative. Personally, I had to say #ido to truly learn how cunning & crafty the enemy is. I’m glad that #Idid it so I can be more discerning and to help others who are in similar situations or who have gone through. The divorce process is just beginning, but I’m happy to be #done with the situation. I have forgiven him and pray that one day he repents of his transgressions against and so many other people. Continue to read my story at https://www.theknot.com/us/tuwana-nicole-and-kendrick-jefferson-nov-2022 #marriage #divorce #domesticviolenceawareness #demonization #testimony
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