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CEO & FOUNDER OF TURN UP DANCE FITNESS™️ Ig: @turnupwithtanci ✨

I’ve been in my baggy clothes era (Jk that’s my whole life lol) but I have just not been feeling myself lately & realized I’ve been in my masculine energy a lot, and really just “covering up”…literally & metaphorically, and not even on purpose.

I have been feeling the need to tap more into my feminine energy, so today I wore leggings & a tight top for our master class in Winston Salem. Sounds like no big deal, but I honestly felt uncomfy and like I wanted to grab the clothes I brought for backup, at first, it’s crazy like, I feel like I’ve come so far and yet if I stop practicing the things I need to practice, that voice in my head can get loud…

I think especially as women we can just get so wrapped up in picking ourselves apart…but then I got lost in the music, lost in the love, lost in the moment, lost in all y’all baddies in that room & came back to my own sexiness, regardless of how my clothes fit, regardless of what I ate last night, regardless of anything, I truly am able to show up in my power regardless of how I feel because I am constantly reminded when I show up to turn up that this shit is bigger than me, and I have no choice but to BE HER, and that’s all there is to it.

But being ME feels sexy, and I hope y’all feel that when you turn up, no matter how far you go, now matter how many classes you’ve been to, or taught…
it always takes a little unbecoming, a little wiping yourself clean of the day, a little taking off of the judgement of self that society has instilled in you, a little reminding yourself who tf you are, a little surrendering, a little letting go, and letting in…that’s Turn Up🖤

I loved every damn second of dancing with y’all queens today, thank you for everything. At the end of every class I am so honored that y’all come up to me and tell me how much Turn Up has changed your life…I just hope you know that YOU have seriously changed mine🙏🏼
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