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Replying to @max_slay_234 sure does! here’s a demo 👀 #clumpingcatlitter #bestclumpinglittersand #catlitterclumping #naturalcatlitter #tofucatlitter #cleaningthelitterbox #litterboxcleaning #tuftandpawlitter #soybeancatlitter  created by tuft + paw with tuft + paw's original sound
Replying to @ashleyohhhh we totally understand that $200 is a lot to spend on a litter box, especially when we’re comparing it to the price what else is on the market. but long story short, this isn’t like other litter boxes. we truly didn’t cut any corners that would compromise the integrity of this product, and as a small business that does ultimately result in a high quality product that’s expensive to produce! hope this provides a bit of context 🤍 #litterboxfurniture #litterboxdesign #catlitterbox #litterboxforcatstiktokfinds #litterboxforcats #moderncatfurniture #productdesign #covelitterbox #litterbox
Replying to @lightning_mcquincy it’s really great cat litter from tuft + paw! it’s a soybean based cat litter that’s clumping, super low tracking, odor eliminating, and even flushable (if your cat stays indoors, is not fed a raw diet and your local regulations allow) ✨ #tuftandpawlitter #tofulitter #catlitterrecommendation #bestcatlitter #catlittertofu #clumpingcatlitter #bestcatlitter2023 #lowtrackingcatlitter #flushablecatlitter
Replying to @emilytsuda after consulting with cat behaviorists, we learned that most cats greatly prefer an open litter box! they’re in one of their most vulnerable states when doing their business, so an open litter box allows them to be aware of their surroundings and be on the lookout for predators. plus, it generally means they feel a bit less cramped. if you do decide to go with an enclosed litter box, make sure it’s one that still has plenty of space, light and ventilation 🤍 #catlitterbox #litterbox #litterboxfurniture #catbehavior #catcaretip #bestlitterbox #modernlitterbox #litterboxtip #enclosedlitterbox
Replying to @marishka.kash sure is! but not all pellet litters have the same features. this one is different from a lot of pellet litters like wood or paper because it clumps with ur1ne. also because of the long, thin, lightweight shape of the pellets, it’s much more comfortable on your cat’s paws 🫶 #pelletcatlitter #catlitterpellets #naturalcatlitter #ecofriendlycatlitter #soybeancatlitter #tofucatlitter #tuftandpawlitter #catlittertofu
Replying to @duyguxofficial the litterbox is from tuft + paw! we wanted to create a modern litter box that was simple and beauitful, while also being incredibly functional for cats and their humans. we designed it in collaboration with cat. behaviorists to ensure their needs were being met (ie. open top, spacious) 🤍 #modernlitterbox #covelitterbox #litterboxforcats #catlitterbox
Replying to @fiftyshadesofshay0 we developed our own cat litter! we’re super happy with the formula that we landed on, its truly such a game changer for cleaning the litter box and just generally keeping your home tidy ✨🫶 #clumpingcatlitter #catlitterclumping #cleaningthelitterbox #litterboxcleaning #tofucatlitter #tofucatlitterviral #bestcatlitter #pelletcatlitter #naturalcatlitter
If you’re seeing this, it’s your sign to get your cat a window hammock 😻 Here’s 7 reasons why:
1️⃣ Cats love being high up, and a window hammock provides the ideal perch. It allows them to indulge their natural curiosity by observing the hustle and bustle of the outside world, from chirping birds and scampering squirrels to fluttering butterflies.
2️⃣ rming acrobatic
3️⃣ Cats are sun worshippers, and a window hammock offers a front-row seat to the sun's radiant glory.
4️⃣ Space optimization. A cat window hammock is a great solution for apartment-dwelling felines or those with limited indoor space. It maximizes vertical territory, giving your cat a cozy retreat without taking up precious floor space.
5️⃣ The window view stimulates your cat's mind, keeping them mentally engaged and entertained. From squirrels performing acrobatics to leaves rustling in the breeze, the ever-changing scenery provides endless hours of amusement and prevents boredom.
6️⃣ Bonding opportunities. Placing a cat window hammock near your workspace or favorite spot at home allows you and your kitty to spend quality time together. Whether you're sharing a serene moment or engaging in play, this shared space could help to strengthen your bond like never before.
7️⃣ Aesthetically-pleasing. Not only is a cat window hammock a haven for your furry friend, but when done right it can also add a touch of elegance to your living space. With a sleek design and modern aesthetic, our Cloud Nine window hammock seamlessly blends with your home decor while making a stylish statement.
Basically, a cat window perch is a win-win. Your fur baby gets to explore the world from the comfort of their cozy throne, while you relish in the joy of witnessing their pure contentment (and save on floor space).
#catwindowbed #catwindowhammock #catwindowperch #catbed #catfurniture #catfurnituredesign #asmrassembly #asmrsoundsforyou #moderncatfurniture #catproductstheylove
Replying to @the_wizard_e_fod okay lots of valid qs around what cats would be doing in the wild! here’s some food for thought on why this isnt really a direct comparison 👀🐈 (pun fully intended) #raisedcatbowl #catbehavior #cateatingbowl #cathealthtips
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