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True Tea with T


Hi! I'm T, an Afrolatinx & ND therapist in CA. https://linktr.ee/trueteawitht

Hi Yall!

In doing my own research and exploration into ancestor work. I'm finding that there are a few consistent themes that have been showing up in my work with clients. Two of those themes happen to be:

🤍 How to begin the journey into ancestor work/ancestral veneration

🤍 Intergenerational patterns and/or trauma and how to heal from them once they've been identified

In this post, I'll be sharing with you three beginner friendly books and some resources that were super helpful in beginning my own journey. Hopefully, these will be as helpful for you as they have been and continue to be for me.

Catch yall in the next post!

💙 T.

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Hey yall,

It seems like the more I've been reflecting on things made aware to me this past week, combined with spending continued time with my ancestors, the more I've been feeling really pulled towards making this specific post clarifying things from my last post when I originally had no intentions to do so.....

I'll do my best to do that here today, but keep in mind, I'm a very imperfect human who might not always have the right words to say - I've done a lot of work to release myself from the expectation of being very articulate, let alone perfect when it comes to sharing my humanity with yall, I just ask that you do the same here with me in this space.

1. First things first, I've really been thinking about and marinating on my role outside of capitalism and what that means/looks like for me, both present and future. So many realizations have come from this, but I now know which direction to begin going in to make those things I want a reality.

2. Second, in spending a lot more time with my ancestors and Journaling more frequently, intergenerational traumas and patterns have made themselves known to me. As the cycle breaker in my family, I've been tasked with bringing those to light & doing the work to break them alone. I've accepted this task and am dedicated to making sure that it all ends or is broken with me.

3. Frequently doing the work to unlearn, heal from, and free myself from the colonized definition of what a "good" & "proper" therapist should be (as dictated by many instutionalized programs out there like PWIs, for example). Maybe PEDESTAL might have been the wrong word to use and I'll own that, but there definitely is/have been these unrealistic standards that therapists in the US have been pushed towards meeting across the board and the posts here support that. I'm not alone in feeling this way, which is why many of us have decided to throw that in the trash & just be our authentic and real selves with our clients as much as we can.

All that to say that I've been working on all of that and then some. It hasn't been easy AT ALL, but it's been so freeing and so vital to the work that I do, not only for my clients but for myself as well.

Hope this has cleared up things around my random, free flowing, messy stream of thought from the other day. If not, I'd be more than happy to answer any questions yall might have for me. Catch yall in the next post!

💙 T.

PS: I couldn't find their TT handles, but I need to credit the following amazing people, in addition to, The Nap Ministry for this post as well:

💫 The Antiwork Therapist (on IG)
💫The Ancestral Psychologist (on IG)
💫 Therapist to Therapists (also on IG)

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Hey yall,

Just wanted to update yall real quick and tell yall that I've been communing/communicating with my ancestors more often these days and working on healing from the harm that capitalism and hustle culture gave me these past few weeks, let alone all these years of going thru it and this was what came as a result of that and I'd thought I'd share it with yall here tonight....

ME: Pondering, marinating in, and daring to dream/daydream about what my place.....my role would have been outside of capitalism and hustle culture and let me tell yall.....that version of me felt so free, so authentic, and so real that at this point I want to strive for nothing else more than that at this time and forevermore. But even I know that's a dreamers dream, even so I know, deep inside me, that this is a goal worth fighting for......a glimmer of light in the darkness of almost frequently experienced existential crises that dare to intrude my peace with the despair, fear, and hopelessness that certain parts of this society is determined to make me feel (& I'll admit are good at knocking me down SOMETIMES).

***(I am fully and authentically a human being experiencing these things alongside yall, tbh all therapists are as far as I know and I think it's time we as a society finally acknowledge/absorb that as fact.)***

But as the Chumbawumba sing says:

"I get knocked down but I get up again. You're never gonna keep me down."

(Lmao......did I just show yall my age with this pop reference? 😂😂😂🤣 Oh well lol, IDRC anymore about that part of aging anyway lol 💙😊)

💙 T

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Hey yall! It's official! True Tea With T - My decolonized, decarceral & lived experience focused practice is officially open! I figured an updated FAQ was needed in a way that feels authentic for me, so I made this video for yall. 😊


#1 : “Can I work with you?”

A: Yes, but only if you’re living in the state of CA at this time, for those of you who want to work with me, but live out of state, stay tuned….

FAQ #2 : “Do you accept insurance”?

A: No, but I can provide  you with a superbill to provide to your insurance company.

FAQ #3 : “What are your rates/fees”?

A:  My current rates are $200 for individual clients and $250 for couples.

FAQ #4 : “Are you accepting clients right now?”

A: Actually yes! Right now, I am taking clients but I only have a few more slots open for new clients before I hit capacity (which might mean possibly having to start a waitlist).

FAQ #5 : “What is your current schedule/availability”?

A: I am currently available to work with you anytime between 10am and 6pm, Monday thru Thursday. (Given that time/day isn’t already taken by another client)

FAQ #6 : “How do I schedule a consultation call/a session with you”?

A: My website is located within the linktree in my bye-o, you can either reach me directly there or use the self-scheduler to let me know when you’d like to meet with me and/or have a consultation call. 😊

FAQs ADDRESSED IN MY FIRST FAQ TIKTOK (I'll pin it for reference):

1. "What Modalities do you use"?
2. "How do you work with clients"?
.....and a few others not covered here.

If you have any other questions for me that I haven't yet answered, please feel free to ask me in the comments and I'll answer them as soon as I can for you!

💙 T.

#therapistFAQs #therapistsoflosangeles #losangelestherapist #queerblacktherapist #lgbtqtherapist #afrolatinxtherapist #therapistsincalifornia #decolonizedtherapy #queeridentifiedtherapist #inclusivetherapist #lgbtqaffirmingtherapist #abolitionisttherapist #notyourmamastherapist #blacktherapistsoftiktok #blacktherapist #tellyourfriends #qtipoctherapy #neurodivergenttherapist #therapistincalifornia #lgbtqtherapist #therapistintroductions #humanfirsttherapistsecond
#greenscreen #stitch with @trueteawitht

Hey yall, here it is! 🥳

Honest inflow App Review PART 2: Giving yall the tea & my honest review on the inflow app. Let me know what yall think & if there are any other apps you'd like me to test out.


#forfun #adhdapps #stitch #bipoctiktok #bipoctiktok #authenticallyme #blacktherapistoftiktok #therapistsofcolor #bipoctherapist #neurodivergenttherapist #actuallyautistic #blackaudhdwomen #actuallyadhd
#stitch with @trueteawitht

Hey yall, the time has finally come!

Honest inflow App Review PART 1: Giving yall the tea & my honest review on the inflow app. I got cut off and so I'll let yall know the tea in Part 2.


#forfun #adhdapps #stitch #bipoctiktok #bipoctiktok #authenticallyme #blacktherapistoftiktok #therapistsofcolor #bipoctherapist #neurodivergenttherapist #actuallyautistic #blackaudhdwomen #actuallyadhd
#stitch with @evxlyn5

The amount of Inner Child and ND Joy that I experienced from stitching this creator's video was so large I had to share it with yall tonight!

A practice I'm engaging more with and would encourage yall to try sometime is to throw you & your inner kid a birthday party (Big or Small). it's can be such a healing act to participate in and finally feel seen/acknowledged around. Let me know what yall think. 😁

❤️ T.

#innerchildhealing #innerchild #actuallyadhd #blackaudhdwomen #actuallyautistic #neurodivergenttherapist #bipoctherapist #therapistsofcolor #blacktherapistoftiktok #authenticallyme #innerchildjoy #neurodivergentjoy #unmasked #autisticjoy
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