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True organic of Sweden


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Hey there, eco-conscious skincare enthusiasts!

At True Organic of Sweden, we take going green to a whole new level. We're talking about skincare that not only pampers your skin but also takes care of the environment. How do we do it? Well, let us spill the sugarcane-infused tea!

Say goodbye to toxic plastics and hello to our sugarcane tubes! We've been rocking these bad boys for a whopping nine years now, way before it was cool. By using sugarcane tubes, we ensure that no nasty toxins like BPA sneak their way into our beloved skincare products. It's a win-win situation for both your beautiful face and Mother Earth.

But wait, there's more! Sugarcane crops are not just carbon neutral; they're actually carbon negative! That means while you enjoy our fabulous organic goodies, you're also helping to reduce those pesky greenhouse gases. Talk about multitasking at its finest!

So why settle for ordinary skincare when you can have extraordinary eco-friendly goodness? Join us on this sustainable journey as we continue to slather ourselves in guilt-free luxury.

Remember, at True Organic of Sweden, we don't just make your skin glow – we make Mother Nature smile too!

Green hugs,

The True Organic Team
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Have you been out in the garden lately, pulling weeds and planting flowers and vegetables. If so, your hands are probably feeling the effects. Dry, cracked skin and cuticles, sore muscles, and the occasional nick or scrape come with the territory. But now there's an easy solution - All You Need Is Me balm from True Organic of Sweden.

Made from all natural ingredients like castor oil, olive oil, shea butter, beeswax, and vitamin E, this balm nourishes your skin and protects your hands from the elements. It's especially helpful for soothing minor cuts, scrapes, cracks and plant burns you may have accumulated while gardening. The anti-inflammatory oils reduce redness and irritation, leaving your hands soft, supple and comfortable again.

Regular use of All You Need Is Me balm creates a protective barrier for your hands. The beeswax and oils hydrate your skin and form a breathable shield from environmental damage. This balm absorbs quickly but the effects last for hours. Your hands will feel moisturized and nourished long after application.

All ingredients in this balm are organic, sustainable and ethically sourced. No synthetic fragrances, parabens or fillers are used. Natural and unscented. This balm is safe for all skin types

Ever get those little nicks, cuts and scrapes on your hands from gardening tools and plants? Or notice how dry and cracked your hands can get from repeated exposure to soil and the elements? All You Need Is Me balm was made for gardeners.

Its natural ingredients like castor oil, olive oil, shea butter and beeswax create a protective barrier on your hands without feeling greasy. These oils are anti-inflammatory and help soothe minor injuries, abrasions and irritation from gardening. Vitamin E and blueberry seed oil provide antioxidant benefits, helping to nourish and soften your hands after a day working in the garden.

All You Need Is Me also helps shield your hands from the drying effects of frequent hand washing. Apply it right after washing and drying your hands to lock in moisture. It will keep your hands soft for hours after application. Use it on your cuticles and nails as well to prevent hangnails and keep your nails from becoming brittle.

The natural ingredients in this balm help promote healing and cell regeneration. Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant, protecting your skin cells. Blueberry seed oil contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Shea butter moisturizes while soothing skin. Together, these ingredients help rejuvenate your hands after the harsh effects of gardening.

While this balm works wonders on dry, cracked hands from gardening, it’s also great for many other uses. Apply it to dry cuticles, elbows, feet or anywhere you have rough, irritated skin. You can even use it to soothe insect bites, minor sunburns or wind chapped skin. It’s the perfect all-purpose balm to keep on hand for natural skin care and first aid.

This multi-purpose balm contains natural ingredients like castor oil, olive oil, shea butter and beeswax that moisturize, protect and heal. Castor oil is naturally anti-inflammatory, helping reduce swelling from insect bites, scratches or blisters. Olive oil is rich in antioxidants and fatty acids that soften skin and protect against environmental damage. Shea butter seals in moisture and forms a protective barrier, while beeswax acts as an emollient to soften rough, dry skin.

If your hands suffer from plant burns, cuts, scrapes or rashes from gardening, this balm offers soothing relief. Gently massage it into the affected areas to reduce inflammation, promote healing and speed recovery. The natural ingredients are safe for the whole family and contain no harsh chemicals.

True Organic of Sweden thoughtfully crafts each product to nourish both your skin and the planet. Their All You Need Is Me balm is 95% organic and 100% natural, containing ethically-sourced ingredients in eco-friendly packaging. Your hands and the earth will thank you for using this soothing, healing balm.
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