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They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day so here’s a little sneak peek of mine. #grwm #breakfast #bodybuilding #pipecleaner #troponinnutrition #sahmlife  created by Justin Harris with Justin Harris's original sound
🔥 Unveiling the Truth: High Blood Sugar Post-Contest 🔥
Have you ever wondered why your blood sugar levels soar after a competition? 🤔📈
In this reel, we dive into the world of post-contest blood sugar spikes. 💪💥
Contrary to what it seems, it’s not solely about carb intake. 🚫🍞 Join us as we uncover the hidden factors that contribute to elevated blood sugar levels after a competition, giving you a whole new perspective on this phenomenon. 🕵️‍♂️💡
While it may be counterintuitive, your blood sugars are elevated not entirely from the high carbohydrate intake post show—but because you’re dehydrated. This is because despite the fact that you’ll be holding a ton of excess subq water, the demands on the body to store and hold water and sodium in response to the time spent depleted and dehydrated in prep lead to there not being enough excess water and sodium in the blood to properly store glycogen to be taken to the tissues. This causes blood sugars to spike…and the doubly confusing thing is that insulin will be relatively ineffective at lowering blood sugars in this case.

To remedy the situation you need to keep water intake high, don’t lower sodium, and let the body work through this process of recovering from the prep depletion.
Hit that “Like” button and share this Reel with fellow fitness enthusiasts who deserve to know the truth about high blood sugar after a contest! 💪📲💙
#BloodSugarTruth #ContestPrep #FitnessInsights #ScienceBehindBodybuilding #CarbIntakeExplained #BloodSugarManagement #FitnessMythsBusted #BodybuildingCommunity #IGReels #fitfamily
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