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We provide suicide prevention & mental health services for LGBTQ youth 🌈


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“When I found the word ‘`transgender’-–it was like a lightbulb moment for me…It made me feel affirmed and not alone.” 🧡 Rebekah’s story of finding affirming language to describe her identity and experiencing unconditional love from her family and her teammates reminds us of the power of safety and representation . As we head #BackToSchool, we honor and uplift the trans youth advocating on behalf of themselves and their communities at school, in the legislature, on the sports field, and everywhere in between. We see you, we’re proud of you, and we’re so glad that you exist 🧡 Here’s your reminder that we are here 24/7, free & confidential, to support you through anything and everything. Text START to 678678, call us 1-866-488-7386, or go to the link in bio to reach our counselors. 📲 #TransVisibility #Representation #LGBTQ #TrevorProject #UnconditionalLove
Some highlights from our year-round partnership with @abercrombie . We're celebrating #Pride every single day because every #LGBTQ young person deserves to live freely as their authentic selves all year long. 🙌🧡✨
Take it from @rubasworld — finding a hobby you’re passionate about can bring your younger self so much joy 🌈 Let us know what hobbies bring you joy ✨
July is BIPOC Mental Health Awareness Month - and our friend @Dewayne Perkins wants to remind us how important it is to find a hobby that you love! 🧡
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