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Rumination is a common compulsion for individuals with OCD and it can often feel automatic. The good news is- it can be unlearned! Link in bio for free resources and to schedule therapy with one of our specialists! #wellness #anxiety #ocd #ruminating #overthinking #ocdtherapy #therapytok #therapytips #affirmations  created by NOCD with Kardash Kingdom's original sound
I used to think that my OCD kept me safe. I thought it made me a better person because I was so worried about being a bad one. It made me more prepared because I always considered the worst case scenario. Or more compassionate because I was so anxious about other people’s feelings. Right? Not quite.

The mentality that OCD was helping me kept me stuck. I didn’t want to get rid of the fear and the shame because I didn’t know who I’d be without it.

Here are 2 important reminders if you feel that way:

1. Acting out of value will always feel better than acting out of shame or fear. You can be prepared without being anxious! You can be nice without it being motivated by panic. You can CARE about people’s feelings without WORRYING about people’s feelings. OCD recovery is about getting back to our values.

2. OCD has a confirmation bias. It will look for the times it was right and ignore the rest. Sure maybe being prepared paid off that one time but what about all the other times your OCD was wrong? What about the things we miss out on in the process? Even a broken clock is right two times a day.

I can say with full confidence that OCD only hurts, not helps and recovery is so worth it!

To see if Exposure and Response Therapy is right for you, call @treatmyocd for OCD services including support groups run by me @tortillawilson!

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