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I need your support 9am 5/31/23 800 broadway Cincinnati, Oh Listen! The System has struck AGAIN!

On January 31, 2023 Lasha Cauthen took her newborn twins to establish a primary care physician. What should have been a routine visit has now turned into the wrongful removal of all 6 of Ms. Cauthen’s children by Hamilton County Jobs & Family Services in Ohio.

The Pediatrician reported concerns that the twins had lost weight and demanded that Ms. Cauthen go to the hospital to have her children admitted. Ms. Cauthen explained that all of her breastfed children have lost weight after birth and she was working with her birthing team to help with lactation. The pediatrician then reported Ms. Cauthen to Hamilton County CPS.

Hamilton County CPS arrived to the home unannounced on January 31st and demanded the children be seen at Children’s hospital. Ms. Cauthen exercised her rights and had her children seen by a medical professional she trusted. Both children were found to be healthy on January 31st.

Ms. Cauthen consulted with a lactation coach, and both babies began to gain weight. The case should have been closed but instead, 6 days later, Ms. Cauthen was contacted and informed that Hamilton County would be filing for custody of all of Ms. Cauthen’s children due to concerns for the newborns weight. 🤯🤯🤯

This is medical kidnapping! And this must be exposed! Ms. Cauthen has a lot of support surrounding her and she goes back to court May 31st!

What this family needs RIGHT NOW is for more eyes to see this story.

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#fyp #stopcpscorruption #stopcps #viral
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