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Lorilee Binstock


Trauma Survivor | Mental Health Advocate | Podcast Host | AIM Editor-in-Chief



Yes! PMDD is REAL and women who have experienced trauma are more likely to be diagnosed with Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder. The problem is, if you’re not tracking your cycle, you may not realize what it is. Symptoms usually appear a week before your period even starts and ends a few days later. PMDD symptoms include:
•Lack of control
•Difficulty concentrating
•Severe fatigue
•Poor self-image
•Emotional sensitivity
•Crying spells
•Suicidal ideation

If you think you may be suffering from PMDD reach out to a physician. It can be manageable. And awareness is the first step. Thank you to the folks here who have shared their ways to manage PMDD. Also, please keep sharing how you cope it the comments. It may help someone else.
Authentic Insider December issue is out! https://simplebooklet.com/aimdecember2022issue

As we wrap up the holiday season, for those who have yet to pick out gifts for loved ones, Prosecutor's POV contributor, Kathryn Marsh delivers her favorite holiday gifts that will keep you safe year round.

Gen Z's contributor Sarah Correa-Dibar examines how younger generations are looking for job satisfaction and their willingness to take flight to greener pastures if those needs aren't met.

What's in a name? Contributor Karen Gross discusses her own insecurities with the negative connotation of her name circulating in today's culture.

What is the womb pain-body and how can it heal society as a whole? Naomi Love shares her experience as a master healer and working with the divine feminine.

There are times when the idea of going on can feel like too much. Shannon Anderson provides 5 tips to push through even when it can seem impossible.

Contributor and Art therapist, Juanita Viera who also facilitates psychedelic journeys shares her own personal story and how Art and Psychedelics changed her life. She also shares her own music and performance.

As in every issue, Cali Binstock provides a Healing through Art Prompt by continuing her art interpretation of Internal Family Systems Therapy with the Dilemma Meditation.

We have your AIM Playlist for Songs of Happiness, along with my picks for children and adult books. Plus, check out Joy Larkin's Twin Flame Readings to see what's in store for you for the year's end.
#AuthenticInsider Magazine is out! What’s #parentalalienation Separating fact & fiction when it come to #gunlaws #survivingtrauma #boudoirphotography is NOT about sex and recognizing your #protectorparts through art. (Link in bio)@Cali
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