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Traffic Ninjas | Shopify Coach


How to ACTUALLY make money with your Shopify Coach | Traffic Ninja 🥷

Accidental passive income? Ever wanted to leave the job you hated? But… it paid the bills and so you didn’t do it? And you stayed… and stayed and stayed… thinking that it’ll get better… But it didn’t… And you knew you had to leave but didn’t know WHAT else to do to get money through the door? Maybe you’ve searched if there’s a way to earn a passive income… This was me too… It was over 7 years ago now when I walked out on a great job that I hated with all my heart… Not having a clue what else I was going to do… And let’s be honest, it wasn’t just the job, it was the people I disliked the most… I just couldn’t stand the environment, feeling like a square peg in a round hole, it wasn’t me, I didn’t belong… So I quit… super scared, feeling small in that BIG moment… And whilst I am not going to claim that I have figured it all out… I have figured out things - how to sell your products on Shopify. So if you wanna join me and learn how to get past $2k of revenue in your online business, head to the link in bio for more info. Tag someone who needs this! 👇 💜 Follow for more tips! #makemoneyonline #shopifytips #ecommerce #sidehustles #businesstips #digitalmarketing #workandtravel #traveltheworld
Judgment-free zone! 🙈 Some people believe that following your passion is key to success. That it will energize you and that once you give the world the best version of you, the money will follow… But… I’ve also seen people crash and burn just because they followed their passion… ending up being broke, unable to follow their passion after all… Others say to follow the money and that once you make the money, you’ll be able to follow your passion too… Yet, I’ve also seen people fail because they just didn’t have enough passion for what they were doing… People often ask us what they should start selling in their new online store. We get questions like “is there space for one more boutique?” or “are gadgets continue to be in high demand?” And my very true honest response is that I just don’t know… I don’t have a crystal ball… But what I have learned over the years is that in a 6.3 TRILLION dollar industry, there is always space for great QUALITY PRODUCTS. Even in the most saturated markets, we’ve seen entrepreneurs succeed…. and whilst it did require their passion, none of those businesses were built on passion alone… From what we’ve seen, these are the key ingredients to succeed with your online store: Quality products Ability to position your products as unique Having a simple system to attract the right customers to your store Creating an irresistible offer your customers won’t be able to refuse Passion for what you do (because even with the most successful brands, there are always tough times and challenges ahead and it’s SO MUCH EASIER to get through the obstacles if you have passion for what you do). So passion or money? We think you need both to succeed… Thoughts?? 👇👇👇 🔗in our bio to the latest FREE masterclass taking you through a simple step by step process on how you can start getting steady sales for your online store without wasting money on ads. Or comment “teach Me” and I’ll send you the info to your inbox. 💜Follow along to get a ton of value! #entrepreneurship #choice #difficultchoices #businessowners #shopifytips #shopify #ecommerce #smallbusinesstips #passionoverprofit #passionoverpaychecks #sidehustleideas #passiveincome
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