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Tracy Hannigan


Adult Sleep Coach | Message me on Insta for a free call @tracythesleepcoach

Want consistent sleep? Start your day with consistency! I know, it's boring.  And some people thing it's an old wives tale.  But it's based on the evidence. My start is what is best for me.  It revs my body and mind up to make the most of the day.  And making the most of my day, managing my stress well, accomplishing things that are important to me - these things help me sleep more deeply. Even when I wake up at 3am because I'm stressed out....when it's time for my day to start, I start it.   Don't get into this 'bedrotting' habit of laying there, having breakfast there, napping there, reading there, working there. Get up.  Leave the night behind.  Start your day strong as you can. #mentalhealthrecovery #anxietyrecovery #cantsleep #tiktokpoll  created by Tracy Hannigan with Croquet Club’s Summer
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