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Tracy Lee


I train to be responsible,& to have fun.. Las Vegas firearms instructor



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Stunt Acting/Fight choreo

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Liberty Safe? What are your thoughts on the #LibertySafe debacle? No matter what side you are on politically, take yourself outside of that and think about how you would feel if you paid for an expensive piece of mind with your private belongings, and someone was able to come in and get into your safe without you knowing. Or are you of the mind that Liberty Safe acted dutifully? Does anyone know if other safe companies keep your code and do the same?

I would like to clarify that I am very moderate and rational. I mention the democrat party in this video because it typically doesn't support 2 A.

I haven't been posting here much because TT won't let me log in from my phone so I have to do it from the website only which is super limiting.. #privacyrights #constitutionalrights #peoplesrights #4thamendment
New to #stuntacting and #fightchoreography but damn if it isnt so fun! Training with @Nino Anthony Smith is amazing because he really sells this clip.. please share your thoughts (i know, my ending was weak) TIKTOK- NONE OF THESE KICKS AND PUNCHES CONNECT, THIS IS ALL ACTING.. all done in a safe and professional environment..

thank you @tommymacofficial for filming this at #nakmuaythailaostuntsschool ...

wasnt sure if i was going to share any of these videos (i have tons of them!) but since TIKTOK doesnt like my other content i guess im posting this... hope you enjoy; im enjoying learning and starting on this new journey!

#stunts #nakmuaythai #nakmuaythailao #stuntwoman #stuntwomen #stuntwork #acting #stuntman #professionallytrained #fightchoreographychallenge
Ok, my second pickup @fedup.kitchen and I literally ate one of the cookies coming out of the parking lot. Pumpkin chocolate chip! I went out to dinner with friends and they ordered food and I just hung out, knowing that I had food waiting in my fridge at home and that it was probably way better and cheaper than the restaurant we were at. So I went home and ate.

Having all this food at the ready is awesome! I figured out their heads I’m probably eating about 1500 to 1600 cal a day on this plan, Including snacks! That, coupled with the constant activity I have been doing lately and I’m already losing weight! I’ve barely been in the gym yet; Wait until I start hitting it hard there too!

Menu this week:

2 Turkey bacon, egg white scramble with mixed potatoes
Lemon Raspberry Crepes
2 Turkey Lasagna Soup
Mandarin Orange Blueberry Summer Salad
2 Woodstock Chicken and veggies with rice
Turkey pot pie with oat muffin
And pumpkin chocolate chip cookies!

If you want to join me on this journey, use code TRACYLEE at fedupkitchen.com to get $100 off a 60 day plan, or $250 off a 90 day!

I’m gonna make me proud! Big thank you to @Giovanni Elmore over at @Fitness Junkeez Podcast 🏋🏿 for making it all happen!

Shout out to @chemicalkellee because my hair is looking so fine, and @aplounge_lv because my eyelashes are on point too!
#fedupkitchen #vegasmealprep #mealprep #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #tracylee #tracyguns
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