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I got a message today from a follower that said “Painting can be very isolating. I love classes when I can see things from everyone else’s perspective!”  And that’s exactly why I LOVE our yearly Riverside Paint Retreats! The deets: ⬇️ ❓What - An all-inclusive paint retreat complete with workshops, fun activities, & creative fellowship! 🤸🏼‍♀️ 🗓When - 2 options for dates AND themes: 1️⃣ February 22-25, 2024 is Furniture Painting & Denim Week and 2️⃣ March 2-5, 2024 is Fabric Chairs & Painted Teapots Week  📍Where - A down-home riverside ranch in Brazoria, Texas 🎨Who - Anyone who loves creating! You don’t have to have experience, just come with a great attitude and be ready to learn and have fun!  LlNK IN Bl0 to register! 🔗 #diyfurniture #womenwhodiy #creativeretreat #riversidepaintretreat2024  created by Tracey - Furniture Artist with zυкнαηує’s original sound
If youve ever wondered which kind of @dixiebellepaintco paint to use, this is for you! 🎨 Chalk mineral paint, silk all-in-one paint, the new terra clay artisan paint— which one for your project?! 🤔 I get this question a lot and after getting to use them all, I made this for you!!! Go get your download! 💕#dixiebellepaintideas #dixiebellechalkmineralpaint #chalkmineralpaint #silkmineralpaint #terrapaint #claypaint #artisanpaint #furniturepaintersoftiktok #furnitureflippersoftiktok #furnitureartistoftiktok #dixiebellepaintcompany
Loving sharing these DIY gifts with you lately!
Here’s what you need to revamp a tea set with decoupage ⬇️ (NOT A LOT)

@Dixie Belle Paint Co Slick Stick — this is a must for painting on slick surfaces! 🖌

💗 Napkins— yep! That’s right! The pattern on these was originally napkins! 🤯 You can use these to decoupage!

💗 Top coat —I used Dixie Belle’s top coat in Satin to adhere the napkins!

💗 Chalk mineral paint — I used Dixie Belle’s Fluff ☁️ (white) and Caviar 🖤 (black).

💗Gold Gilding wax — Because you know I love the shine ✨

Who would love to give this as a handmade gift?! 👇🏼

#handmadegiftideas #homemadegifts #diygiftsforher

Gumball machines make such cute DIY gifts because they are so customizable depending on who you’re making it for! 🍭🍬

They’re even good gifts for the little ones in your family! 💗

This one was created from a cast iron antique gumball machine that I thrifted, but most of the time I just get one from Amazon and get to work, because they’re super lightweight and easy to assemble. 🙌🏼

Want to make your own? Here’s the supplies you need:
⚡️White lightning
🖌️Slick stick
🧱Dixie Belle Mud
⚜️WoodUBend appliqués & trim
🎨Chalk mineral paint
💗Titebond wood glue
🩶Metal leaf adhesive & silver leaf sheets
💦Polycrylic spray top coat in Satin

The steps:

1. Clean the gumball machine with White Lightning if it’s antique.

2. Prime the surface with slick stick using a stippling motion. Do one coat, let it dry overnight, then another.

3. If your gumball machine is damaged, use Dixie Belle Mud to fill in the cracks. Let it dry overnight and then sand down with a fine grit sandpaper the next day.

4. Add WoodUBend trim around the base (I used 2 layers on this one) with wood glue.

5. Paint! This is easier with a turntable so you don’t have to keep moving the machine.

6. Paint and apply any large WoodUBend appliqués to the front of the gumball machine.

7. If you want to metal leaf the face plate, apply metal leaf adhesive, let dry for 30 minutes until tacky, lay down the silver leaf sheets and brush away the excess. If you want to be sure the metal leaf finish stays in tact, seal with metal leaf sealer.

8. To seal, spray with a polycrylic top coat in clear Satin.

This ended up being a gift for my aunt Ann and I love how it turned out!

Think you would make one of these? Tell me in the comments below! 👇🏼

(and if you want to learn how, I have a full tutorial in the courses Iink that you can find in my Bl0)
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