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back-to-school shopping. 🛍️halloween superstore pop-ups.🎃thanksgiving + holiday decorations.🎄the leaves may be falling, but autumn is *the* season of skyrocketing consumption. 📈

we know it’s nearly impossible to make zero fall purchases, but we can get creative & craftier about what and how much we really need. before you buy anew, try a few tips courtesy of sustainable fashion expert hanna le of
@RE.STATEMENT , an #upcycledclothing marketplace (online + irl).

1. upcycle your own old clothes: paint your jeans & denim jackets, they make a great wearable canvas.
2. swap old clothes: visit your favorite vintage boutique or thrift shop to use credits & exchange your own retired items for new-to-you pieces
3. make a wishlist before buying: online browse, then circle back and edit the cart to only purchase the most basic 1 or 2 things you need.
4. visit a tailor: bring an old dress, skirt or top to a trusted local tailor to hem or remove sleeves. voila! just like new.
5. personally contact designers: dm an eco-friendly, small batch designer & ask if they’d rework a custom piece using a beloved item you already own.
6. trade clothing: host an intimate clothing swap soiree or invite a friend over to swap clothes and accessories 1:1 you both no longer wear.
7. mend or embellish your own: adding a funky patch to cover a stain or hole lends new life to a damaged item you still love (check out @NoSo Patches )
what do you get when you cross willy wonka’s #chocolate factory, captain nemo, and pirates of the caribbean??? introducing @Grain de Sail 🍫🇫🇷⛵

we’re excited about this #sustainable chocolate, wine & spirits company for its unique approach to making yummy, high quality, ethically sourced products. operating out of the first modern cargo sailboat, a 72-foot schooner transports organic goods via 2 annual round trips between france, n.y.c., and central america. upon landing ashore in the dominican republic, the boat unloads humanitarian supplies & medical equipment for local communities, then loads back up with cocoa mass + green coffee beans before returning to the chocolate factory in northern france. (the voyage is also a très bien opportunity to age their newest product, rum!)

with eco-friendly features like wind turbines, hydro-generators, and solar panels aboard the vessel to minimize carbon emissions during the transatlantic journey, this adventure-driven company and others like it are challenging the status quo and promoting both #sustainability + slow travel for the greater good. overall, we adore this trend across industries towards clean freight and retro-fitting technology of the past as a greener alternative for our collective future.

oh, and those chocolate bars? c’est manifique! 👌😘
take heart, pet owners. we’ll get through tonight’s #july4th festivities in america. and don’t forget: some of nature’s fireworks are stunning, shimmering displays you can witness just outside your door if you know what to look for: fireflies! bioluminescent algae! and so much more. wishing you a mesmerizing holiday full of color + light, wherever you may find it.
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happy world 🐢 day, towwnies. don’t forget to take care of yourself before you snap. 😆

#worldturtleday , so we’re giving them the “slow news day” (or better yet “spa day”!) treatment they deserve. turtles & tortoises face a ton of challenges, including habitat loss, pollution, climate change, illegal wildlife trade, and accidental entanglements with ocean plastic + fishing gear. many species are endangered or critically endangered; efforts to protect them and their habitats are crucial to long-term survival.

check out a few orgs + communities to follow/support that are fighting the good fight on behalf of these sweet shell-dwellers on other platforms:


do these 🐢🐢remind you of someone? don’t be shy, tag your best turtle bud below.♥️♥️
feeling lazy? that’s ok! laziness isn’t always a bad thing – in fact, many simple, low-effort changes around the house can add up to bigger, long-term ways to conserve water.

check out this h-2-the-oh-saving sesh with towwn co-founder
@charliecapen + some special guests for a few easy ideas, all backed by science. for example:

💧 got dirty clothes? washing on a cold setting gets the job done just as well. 👕
💧 5-min showers are doable, and many docs recommend it every *other* day. 🚱
💧 forgot to flush? nbd. science says flushing every time may spread more germs. 🦠

watch the vid for more simple, d.i.y. water conservation tips. and if you’ve got more good ones, share in the comments! 🚰 #waterconservation
4 eco-friendly denim lines we love 👖🌎♻️

there are lots of benefits to
#eco denim—from reduced water waste and fewer harmful chemicals, to the use of sustainable dyes, fair labor practices and more high quality organic and recycled cotton. next time you’re in the market for new denim, consider one of these 4 brands doing better for both people + planet.*

👖@eticadenim prioritizes low-impact chemicals derived from plants + minerals in its production process. safe, alternative lightening agents are used to create multiple washes, and the denim is washed via e-flow technology—which saves 1000+ gallons of water in every load. overall, ética tracks+ reduces water usage by 90%, energy consumption by 63% & chemicals by 70% compared to industry standards.

👖@boyishjeans is committed to sustainable fabrics, such as tencel™ lyocell, organic cotton, recycled cotton + more grs-recycled fabrics. made with fewer chemicals, the brand uses natural plant-based dyes + reduced dystar indigo, reducing the toxic impact of synthetics + sulfates. boyish is vigilant about water safety, recycling h20 to keep chemicals out of local fresh-water sources.

👖@outerknown_official supports regenerative farming practices and chooses earth-friendly fibers with good circularity potential, like organic + recycled cotton, hemp + responsible wool. it works with 2 b-corp certified suppliers and runs 8 production facilities on renewable energy. workers’ well being is prioritized via high labor standards, extended health insurance, scholarships, housing support + more. it also launched outerworn, a resale platform for pre-loved styles, to keep clothes out of landfills.

👖@shopredone is best known for its innovative approach to upcycling vintage @levis, which gives them a new lease on life and reduces waste. utilizing existing fabrics, the brand saves on cotton production + water-intensive dyeing techniques. this approach helps minimize environmental impact while offering customers a unique pair of upcycled jeans..

(*as always, the most eco-friendly option is to shop secondhand whenever possible. ✌️)
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