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As we join in the celebration of #NationalRecoveryMonth, we honor courageous women like Racquel. They have not only told their own stories honestly but also shown how many moms who are getting better give back to others. Owner of @hardbeautycoach, Racquel is a relentless crusader for moms to find their journey to recovery just like she did. Join Racquel and the @hardbeautycoach team every Monday night for our online recovery support group, Tougher Together.
Every day, people take steps and find a path towards recovery. To celebrate #NationalRecoveryMonth, we're asking you to share your own story out loud. This helps other moms know they don't have to keep their struggles a secret. By sharing, we can stop the idea that there's something to be ashamed of and remind moms that they're not alone. https://bit.ly/3qQbNYh #TAAM #RecoverOutLoud #SupportOverStigma #StrongerThanAddiction #ColoradoMoms #MomsInRecovery #RecoveryMonth
A few affirmations to kick off your week. If you are a mom struggling with substance use of any kind, or are #SoberCurious, please reach out to us! We would love to help. Tough as a Mother offers a variety of supports to help you on your journey–wherever you are. Visit the link in our bio to learn more.
Recovery IS Possible! 😊 thank you @amandajohnson4827 for these words of encouragement and sharing some of your story with us.

There are so many of us who struggle through the holidays. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and don’t forget to also ask more questions on how you can be a support to others. Give more compassion and empathy this holiday season.

#TAAM #RecoverOutLoud #SupportOverStigma #StrongerThanAddiction #ColoradoMoms #MomsInRecovery
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