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I help Latinos feel less overwhelmed by the news and better informed šŸ—³ VOTE!


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Ohio GOP House Representatives are trying to ignore the results of the election on #issue1ohio #ohiopolitics #ohioelection2023 #reproductiverightsforall @Ohio Citizen Action @Olivia Julianna @Field Team 6 @Center for American Progress  created by Sylvia con Tono Latino with Sylvia con Tono Latinoā€™s original sound
A little more info related to what's been happening with UnivisiĆ³n and other media groups + Jared Kushner and the former president's campaign.

Great reporting from @popular.info in one of their most recent newsletters breaking this down:
"Kushner has a history of trading access to Trump for promises of favorable treatment. After the 2016 election, Kushner reportedly told a group of business executives that he "struck a deal with Sinclair Broadcast Group during the campaign to try and secure better media coverage." Sinclair is the owner of many local affiliates in swing states. The agreement "gave [Sinclair] more access to Trump and the campaign" in exchange for a commitment that Sinclair would "broadcast their Trump interviews across the country without commentary."

Kushner boasted that Sinclair affiliates had a larger audience than CNN in states like Ohio. According to a Trump spokesperson, "the deal included the interviews running across every affiliate." Sinclair did not deny that it had struck a deal with the Trump campaign but claimed it offered a similar arrangement with Hillary Clinton. There were no Clinton interviews aired on Sinclair stations during the campaign, however.

The Clinton campaign might not have been enthusiastic about granting special access to Sinclair because Sinclair is a conservative media company. An academic study found that "stations bought by Sinclair reduce coverage of local politics, increase national coverage and move the ideological tone of coverage in a conservative direction relative to other stations operating in the same market."
#sinclairmedia #boycottunivision #votebluetoendthisnightmare #voteblue2024šŸ’™ #votebluetosaveamerica #votebluetosavedemocracy
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