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Tongela Curry


Full time salon owner & Travel-preneur 🙌🏾 #TheBucketListTravelPlug



Ever wondered what people mean when they say you can EARN MONEY from #travel as a #TravelAgent? ! Well, as a member of the #TravelSquad , I want to personally invite you to a week of insight of what we do and how YOU can succeed in this business! 🙌🏾 To gain access to this FB community, scan the QR Code and I’ll send you the private link to the FB Group. NO pressure. NO commitment. Check us out:)
#TrueStory So, something like this literally just happened last night! Y’all, my #HairBoos do NOT play about my schedule! Some don’t even tell people who do their hair because they don’t want them stealing their fav time slots! 🤣 I have to laugh cuz WHY are they like this?! Y’all better find you a salon where you have a built-in relationship like my HAIRBOOS!!! 🤦🏾‍♀️ #TheyreSpoiled and #ILoveIt
The BEST #TravelHack with ANY airline. Who else offers FREE domestic flights??? 🤔 EXACTLY! So, stop playing and get YOUR #CompanionPass before the offer expires. 🙌🏾 📍CLICK this link to get YOURS! www.TheBucketListTravelPlug.com/SouthwestReferral
🗣Spread the word! She wants to #Travel this year. Replace the overpriced cards, flowers and candy this #ValentinesDay with a GIFT that will keep on giving. Show her the world…but help her get there by surprising her with paying the fees to get her a #P#Passport #G#GlobalEntry o she’ll have a #T#TopTier I#International xperience. She deserves it!!! #T#ThankMeLater V#Valentines V#VDay V#Valentines2023 ValentinesDay2023
Is it time to #detox YOUR hair and scalp?!
I should be ashamed of being THIS #transparent 🗣 but I’m not! The ppl need to know. 🤣 I do not know why I’m breathing so hard but I’m CLEARLY #MassageDrunk thanks to Teffany Garth at A Better U Massage. Chiiiile I go EVERY WEEK and THIS happens every 🙌🏾 time. Talk about being relaxed… My wig even got too relaxed! 🤣😩
#IWasTodayYearsOld #LeftOrRight Guess you learn something every day. 🤷🏾‍♀️
#WeekendMotivation No one knows your struggles like YOU do. It’s the end of this msg for me! 🤣 🗣I said what I said! 🤷🏾‍♀️ I just don’t want you to give up your MOMENTUM because of the opinions of others who don’t know your full story. #KeepGoing #YouGotThis #DigDeep
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