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Welcome to Truthmafia.com were we decode your reality

The word vote means to wish or to make a vow and you cast this “wish” into a “ballot” which is the inner mechanics of how Abramelin black magick systems worked since ancient times. You agree with both parties just by making yourself “2-dimensional” on a form you sign with your straw name. The red & blue is the Masonic twilight language of Shambalah/Agartha in the inner Earth, your body (blue blood in oxygen is red - a nation made on the blood of slaves ) and a body in politics means a group of persons politically organized under a single governmental authority. This is metonymy that rhymes with the economy, they feed off hope that another candidate/official will change the “REALITY” standards from a previous regime when the truth is it’s all “BA’AL CONSCIOUSNESS”! Baal as you may or may not know was the god/archon of exchanging sacrifice to bestow false realities from the Canaanite days. The whole American political system and its tangents (other arenas like sports/entertainment/media etc.) is Baal consciousness because it only exists if it’s FED - which is PARTICIPATION. A universal actualized reality does NOT have to be fed because it “JUST IS” and it will be, prior and via eternity/infinity. Why would I spend time WISHING every other astrological season for their benefit to get little incentives that changes rapidly based on where we are heading in this Great Invocation shift? A rite of election is ROME based which is what America is a replica of, it’s “catechisms” (Roman Catholic Christians pledging to their god/savior which is Yaldabaoth). So you wish to participate in worshipping their false realities and falsehoods. These Masonic traditions are upheld to tally who is what and if these fools still actually experience. So watch the manipulated feed Baal by placing their vote into the “ballot” #vote #redwave2022 #baal
The Coming Great Plasma Event Pole Shift Two Suns

There have been many plasma events or resets during our history, many of which we know little or nothing about, putting into question many of our currently taught historical narratives.

Some resets are minor or shorter while others are longer or major. The Great Flood of Noah(Moon), The Tower of Babel(Mercury), The Hebrew Exodus(Venus), the Assyrian Captivity(Mars), The Christian Epoch(Jupiter), the Industrial Revolution(Saturn), The American Revolution(Uranus), the Mud Flood(Neptune), and World Wars I and II(Pluto) are all major resets in our history. The book of Revelation is a synopsis or script for these resets.

The last one now coming to light seems to have occurred 1n the early to mid-1800s and is known as the “Mud Flood” which supposedly buried Tartaria(the last great world empire). Russian-based Tartaria was the foundation upon which our current world civilization was rebuilt. Many of the old buildings, with domes and spires, belong to Tartaria and were simply dug out and reused by most of our leading modern institutions.

The next coming reset may be the largest and most important of all and is often referred to as the Plasma Apocalypse or Pole Shift. Plasma is the fourth state of matter, the basis for the other three states -gas(air), liquid, and solid. It is found in its pure state between worlds or creations, and has the nature of gas or water, but is electromagnetic in nature. It is the force that creates and destroys worlds(Shiva), and will play a key role in these End Times(end of Kali Yuga), when this world or age is dissolved and a new one is created.

Our dome protects us from the dangers of pure plasma. Only the light gets through. This swirling light is focused(by the dome lens) as our Sun, midway between the dome and our flat Earth surface. The swirling produces day and night and the seasons. Our dome also protects us from alien invasion, and its electromagnetic composition(layered with ice), also creates and holds our atmosphere or firmament which keeps the waters above(in “outer space”) separated from the waters below(oceans, lakes, and rivers).
#2suns #twosuns #plasmaapocapl
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