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Tofu & Boshi the Corgis


With my brofur Boshi!! I love JJK, CSM, and AOT




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How can you resist baby Tofu? Look at her little ears and stumps. 🥹 #corgipuppy

Fun fact: we actually signed the papers to get a different corgi puppy named Alees. However, I couldn’t get Tofu’s puppy photos out of my head. I went back to our breeder and asked if it was possible to switch our contract to get Tofu instead and the rest is history. I do sometimes wonder where Alees ended up.⁣

Also, I’m still on the hunt for Tofu’s littermates!! If you have a corgi who was born on October 22, 2015 from a breeder in Kansas, please reach out to me!!!⁣

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I know it looks scary but they are playing!! 😆 #twodogs

I always get questions about what Tofu and Boshi’s relationship is like. The two of them have a typical older sisfur and younger brofur relationship. The two of them play every single day and will sometimes cuddle with each other but extroverted Boshi can sometimes be a lot for introverted Tofu. We always make sure Tofu gets some alone time to recover her social energy or step in when Boshi is bothering Tofu too much.⁣

If you have two or more dogs, what is the relationship like between your dogs?⁣

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