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Todd Perelmuter


Join the journey of 9 yrs in 35 countries living with shamans, monks & gurus.

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Every single one of us at some point in life will feel the crushing blows of loss, rejection, failure and betrayal. We will all experience suffering that makes us question who we are and why we are here. From family separations to the death of a loved one, from natural disasters to warzones, from losing a job to losing a house, sometimes it can feel like life throws curveball after curveball, obstacle after obstacle, setback after setback, and disappointment after disappointment.
In these most challenging of times also lies the greatest of opportunities. Suffering has sparked human beings' quest for liberation since the dawn of time. The journey towards self-healing is the journey to discovering our true selves. In my newest book, Finding Your True Self, dive into that ultimate source of lasting peace and joy within. I cover topics such as:

1. How to love yourself before you love others
2. How to heal yourself not just physically, but also mentally and spiritually
3. How to make peace with your pain & stop running away from yourself
4. How to channel your negative energy into something positive
5. How not to let your scars scare/embarrass you
6. How to not let mean people disturb your inner peace
7. How not to let your not-so-good life stories define you
8. How to respond rather than react, say a peaceful "no" when needed, and not let anger take hold of you
9. How to reconnect with your mind and body
10. How to let go of expectations, love fearlessly, and say yes to life

And please, be sure to take one minute to leave an honest review. It really helps people in need of these teachings find inner peace and purpose.
#Accept this moment
It's important to always allow the #universe to teach us, to guide us, and to remember when we think something isn't going our way that maybe something better is coming.

You Are This Moment.

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