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Tina Lasisi, PhD


Biological anthropologist Hair, melanin & genetics




Idaho murders & genetics

5 posts

AI avatars, gender & race

5 posts

Animal hair facts

4 posts

Blue: how does it work??

4 posts

Skin Color Evolution

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Invited Talks in Academia

3 posts

Melanin March ‘22

8 posts

Darwin’s greatest hits

7 posts


What do genes have to do with your tan? @scifri  created by Tina Lasisi, PhD with Tina Lasisi, PhD's original sound
Replying to @ohsarahno it is in fact not simple
Replying to @fabiennehost Based on the info I had about the case when I filmed it a few days ago. There should be more info released soon.
Replying to @idiot_chickens I’ve got some answers for you on generic privacy for commercial DNA tests and a story about the #goldenstatekiller
Replying to @coralvenus27 here’s my overview of ethical concerns re: genetic genealogy as used in the #idahomurders and #goldenstatekiller cases
I have a lot to say about the #idahomurders and how they’re using genetics in the same way as the #goldenstatekiller case because of my postdoc research
#stitch with @denadna
Replying to @chkn2547 Scooby Doo gang trying to solve the mystery of why some of my AI avatars look nothing like me. Thanks for the clue!
I am confusion. After a conversation with @Also Sprach Zappithustra I thought I had the answers. Turns out I do not 🥲
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