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A Transformed Life


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I am so happy to share this phenomenal interview with Dr. Tammy Gutierrez (fondly known as Dr. G by her patients). In this episode, you will learn how you achieve optimal physical and mental health. Dr. G explains why it important to get to the root cause of your health struggles by understanding why you are not getting better instead of just masking symptoms. She also shares her personal journey back to health after a terminal cancer diagnosis. Dr. G discusses why one right diet is NOT for everyone and how to choose a diet that will help you achieve optimal health that is based on your biochemical individuality. We also discuss the importance of a healthy gut to achieve optimal health. You will also learn about the five categories of self-care you need to address to achieve optimal health and how neglect of even one of these areas can have negative health consequences. She offers many useful suggestions for incorporating beneficial practices into our busy, modern lives. Dr. G's goal is to make functional medicine affordable and accessible to everyone. About Dr. G: After years of conventional Family Practice and a personal cancer journey, Dr. Tammy Gutierrez (Dr. G), a Board-Certified Family Medicine Doctor, recognized that the true path to wellness is not something that comes from a prescription pad. She took advanced training in Functional Medicine and embarked on a journey to empower patients to understand why they were sick and how to get better, not just cover up the symptoms. Dr. G loves helping people find their path to wellness and believes that everyone deserves access to optimal health. She is now working with award-winning health coach, Gloria Treister, to create online programs so that people anywhere can have affordable access to Functional Medicine when they need it at getwellwithus.net.
In this podcast, I interview Transformation Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist, Kate Hoyle, who specializes in helping teenagers overcome anxiety and low self-esteem. We discuss the rising rates of anxiety and depression in teenagers, including the impact of social media, bullying, body image pressures, and existential worries. Kate emphasizes the need for parents to be 75% more committed than they were 30 years ago in order to connect with their children in the fast-paced world we live in. We discuss traditional talk therapy and why it is often ineffective for children and teens and may even reinforce negative thinking patterns. We discuss therapies that identify and reframe the root cause of the teen's problems. Kate highlights the importance of teaching kids resilience rather than just trying to make them happy. She explains how we can help our teens shift thinking patterns to help teens become more confident. Confidence or the lack thereof can determine the entire trajectory of your child's life. Kate shares her own experience of how gaining confidence earlier in life could have saved her from much suffering. This podcast provides valuable insights for parents, teenagers, and anyone struggling with anxiety or low self-esteem. Kate Hoyle is a Clinical Hypnotherapist specializing in helping teenagers overcome anxiety and low self-esteem. She became interesting in working with teens after dealing with the impact of her own daughter’s mental health issues. Kate is also an Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapist and believes that you can't truly fix a problem until you go back to the root cause to find what caused it in the first place. Kate has created the Teenage Anxiety Scorecard which helps parents identify the support needed for both child and parent.
In this podcast, Dr. Dicken Bettinger, a licensed psychologist, discusses The 3 Principles as discovered by Sydney Banks. He explains how understanding these principles can be transformative, moving people from feeling like victims to having a deeper understanding of how their thinking creates their feelings. He emphasizes that even the most successful people can feel miserable because no external source can create lasting happiness. Instead, he explains that people can wake up to their own innate well-being by gaining insight and realization. The podcast also discusses the rising levels of anxiety and depression in young adults and teenagers. Dicken highlights how it is negative thinking that leads to tension, stress, and upset, because people are looking to external sources to find well-being. In truth, well-being can only be found inside of them. He shares a story of a young girl with anxiety who found relief by letting go of her anxious thinking and discovering her innate well-being. You will learn how being present in the moment can help you be a part of the solution to the world's problems, rather than feeling constantly overwhelmed by them. We also discuss the the transformational power of embracing the truth that we are all connected on a universal level. This podcast provides valuable insights into the connection between psychological and spiritual dimensions in life, and how understanding The 3 Principles can lead to greater well-being and consciousness. Dr. Dicken Bettinger Ed.D, is a licensed psychologist retired and currently works as a psychological educator. He specializes in the connection between the psychological and spiritual dimensions of life. He leads webinars, classes, and trainings in psychological well-being in countries around the world. He also develops practitioners in The Three Principles understanding as discovered by Sydney Banks. He has been married 53 years, has two amazing children and four adored grandchildren. Website: https://www.3principlesmentoring.com YouTube.com: https://www.youtube.com/DickenBettinger
In this episode, I interview author, Sophia Brown. Sophie is author of Mindset Makeover Essentials, a short book to help busy moms beat overwhelm by empowering their mindset. We explore the power of shifting beliefs and how overcoming a victim mindset can be incredibly liberating to parents. We talk about the importance of self confidence as mothers and why it is important to celebrate each small small step towards achieving your goals. We also discuss the importance of having a growth mindsets as a mother, and teaching our children to be open to expansion and learning. Together, we touch on the challenges of parenting in the digital age and the impact of social media on our children's mental health. Included are tips for managing children's usage of social media . You will be encouraged to take time for your own personal growth so you can be a positive example for your children. Sophie gives practical examples of how to find pockets of time for your own personal growth and hobbies. Sophia encourages moms with creative ways to express their own creativity through mothering. She provides helpful tips that will enable moms to move past the fears that are preventing them from experiencing the true joys of parenting. She also emphasizes that even if a mother stays at home, she doesn't have to let her creativity and dreams die and encourages mothers to explore their creative gifts in the context of motherhood by trusting their intuition. More About Sophie... Author S.M. Brown is a nonfiction writer, entrepreneur, wife and mother of five from Ohio. When she was a tired single mom exhausted from repeating the same undesired outcomes in her life, she began reading and practicing mindfulness and the law of attraction. Amazed by the powerful results she started seeing in her life, she was inspired to finally share her manifestation secrets with other moms. She now pens a weekly newsletter at motherhoodwithme.com about weekly lessons learned as a mom, encouraging messages and other helpful guidance. When Mrs. Brown finds the time she enjoys the outdoors, canning homemade soups
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