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Alien RPG Camera | An Immersive Experience | https://www.tiesthatbindgaming.com/tools/alien-rpg-tools/alien-rpg-camera/ |

The Halifax campaign is run completely online so I am always looking for ways to immerse my players. A couple of weeks ago, I posted a terminal simulator. That seemed to go over very well and I continue to work on it.

This week, I tried something new that I made. It replaces stealth mode but this is for a specific scenario that I felt would benefit from additional immersion techniques. It's not meant to completely replace stealth mode.

Here is what I came up with. This immersion tactic is basically used to determine whether or not a random encounter occurs when moving to a new zone or opening a door. However, the synopsis will help you understand what makes this scenario unique.

Here is the synopsis:

You are walking through the dark corridors of LV-779. Your only light source is a camera with a flash that is low on power. You must use the camera's flash to navigate the corridors. Hopefully, there is nothing that lurks in the dark.

Are you getting through the corridors without any problems? Well then...you are one of the lucky ones. Keep pressing your luck.

How it works: A random number is generated. The random number determines whether or not you find danger. After activating the camera's flash, it takes 5 seconds for the camera to reload.

Note: Try it out yourself and feel free to use it in your game. It will always be available. Make sure you have sound and don't forget to activate the background audio (auto-playing audio is a web standard no-no).

#alienrpg #ttrpg #tabletoprpg #immersive
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