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♻️Turning ocean-bound plastic into new products 🌏 Upcycling plastic waste



We are proud to announce that Toni Rajala, the ice hockey world champion from Finland, is wearing a jersey made of our #tide ocean material. Toni made us the honor of talking about this special jersey in a film that also features his clube team mate Fabio Hofer. Both are big scorers in one of Switzerland's top ice hockey clubs, EHC Biel-Bienne.

The ice hockey club has inaugurated the special jersey creation with the help of sponsor Mastercard: Our #tide ocean material, made from recycled PET bottles, was used for this purpose. Together, we all want to raise awareness on environmental protection – from forests to the ocean.

The use of this innovative new shirt seems to have brought luck: EHC Biel-Bienne has been playing a tremendously good season; ranking in the second place for weeks in Switzerland's professional ice hockey league.

We are very happy to have teamed up with EHC Biel-Bienne to inspire change in the Winter sports world.
Childhood is very often considered to be the most propitious time to foster creativity. At #tide , we feel a responsibility to ensure that children can use their imagination in our workshops. And we highly value fun in learning.

💙Creative play is essential for child development; it encourages problem-solving, mental growth, and self-confidence. It is on this basis that we developed the activities of our educational program in Thailand. One of these activities consists of collecting microplastics on a beach and repurposing the fragments as decoration on wooden fish. This exercise is a great way to exemplify the concept of circularity while allowing children to explore their inventive potential in an amusing way.

🤝Many thanks to our amazing team in Thailand who have made all this possible – and to Maurice Lacroix for their contribution.

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A Domino set made from 100% ocean-bound plastic which has been collected by fishermen in the Andaman Sea?🤔 At #tide we created exactly this!🙌 Follow the journey of the ocean-bound plastic from its source to your home and start a conversation about plastic pollution during your next game night. #tideoceanmaterial #domino #game #oceanplastic #christmasgift
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