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Its News! It’s Trends! It’s this weeks #NowTrending ! 1. Twitter changes to ‘X’ 2. TikTok is testing a shop feed 3. Decline in Thread users 4. Spotify Increases Premium Subscription Plans 5. TikTok Introduces a New Text-based Format dor Posts 6. The Hot Pink Barbie Trend
#NowTrending 7/21

1. Meta Release Open-Source AI Model
2. TikTok Launches Ads Transparency Library
3. Reddit Shares Back-to-School Resource
4. Twitter Adds 'Delegate' for Account Collaboration
5. YouTube Premium Price Increases
Moment of Excellence: Barbie v. Oppenheimer
Here are the Top 5️⃣ things #NowTrending in the digital 🌎 this week:

1. TikTok’s Creative Challenge aims to monetize content and foster brand collaboration
2. Montana TikTokers and TikTok team up to fight the state's app ban
3. LinkedIn will no longer support the creation of carousels
4. TikTok enhances parental controls and prioritizes safety for young users
5. Pinterest is testing email scanning to enhance app experience and ad targeting

✨MOEment of the week: Rory, The Frenchy, walks The Red Carpet
Here are the Top 5 things #NowTrending  in the digital world this week:
1. Tech Titans Tussle: Musk vs. Zuckerberg
2. Reddit's Inclusive Transcribers Transform
3. YouTube Unmasks Fan Account Secrets
4. TikTok's E-Commerce Blitz Begins
5. Patreon's Power Moves

This week’s Client Crush goes to: Adobe and our Adobe Team for their incredible work launching Adobe Premiere Pro’s new Text-Based-Editing feature.
This week, Associate Digital Strategist Dianna from Outcast LA shares the top 5 things #NowTrending in the digital world this week:

- Tik Tok is now connecting Creators with Brands
- LinkedIn Launches DMs for Company Pages
- Study shows a preference of UGC over influencer content
- Meet Tako - TikTok’s AI
- Twitter gives Subscribers 1 hour editing window
Here are the Top 5 things #NowTrending in the digital world this week:
1. TikTok has a huge Pride lineup
2. Instagram ranking explained
3. Snapchat continues to invest in AR
4. RealChat exists
5. Teens are bullying Snapchat AI
Moe*ment of the Week: Happy Pride! 🌈
Here are the Top 5 things #NowTrending in the digital world this week:

1. Instagram Preps Twitter-like Alternative 🐦
2. Linkedin Job Post Verification ✅
3. Search for Twitter Lists 🗒️
4. Search Result Ads on Instagram 🔎
5. Bye, Youtube Stories 📱

Moe*ment of the Week
Tiktok Swings for the fences by extending its partnership with the #Yankees ⚾️
Here are the top 5 things #NowTrending you need to know this week. Go @MarthaStewart 🤩

1. New TikTok hubs
2. Pray for Linda Yaccarino
3. WGA strike continues
4. Montana officially banned TikTok
5. Comment GIFs for IG are here!
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