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daisy box


🌼 gift boxes designed to empower, support + love on people in a tangible way 🌼



hi 👋🏻 my name is kasey, founder of this new lil company + on august 2nd, daisy box will officially be launching! 🌼after months + months of planning, buying the cutest things ever + talking to my mom and all my friends to make sure this idea would work, we will be a real thing!okay so what is daisy box? DAISY BOX is a gift box company designed to empower, support & love on people in a real + tangible way. 🤍i have personally noticed a huge gap in what we celebrate as a society. it’s often times centered on marriages + babies and while those are really great things too, there are a lot of other things that deserve to be celebrated + honored too!! ⚡️+ sometimes instead of celebrating, we need a hug in a box sent to our door from our best friend. with lots of chocolate in there too because life is, well, life.and so daisy box was born in an attempt to remind us that YOU have people in your corner. who are wanting to celebrate your accomplishments no matter how “small” + to support you when times are hard.at daisy box you can choose from already curated (+ very cute) boxes or build your own! ✨ it’s gift giving made really easy, fun + affordable! OH! one last thing… every daisy box is only filled with handcrafted items from creators, makers + small businesses that we partner with + purchase from. that means every box supports multiple small businesses + people just like us with just one purchase! 🌼 mark your calendars because trust me, you won’t want to miss this launch! august 2, 2022 // 4 pm pst www.thisisdaisybox.com 🌼✨💛, kasey
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