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Irish lad normalising talking 🇮🇪 Travel/Mental Health/Food/Modelling Glasgow

Marrakech Must See ✈️

My first solo trip this year was to Marrakech, Morocco.

I’d been wanting to go to Marrakech for a while and just booked the flights spontaneously.

This pushed me right out of my comfort zone, as while im quite a social person going into new surroundings and trying to make friends is sometime quite daunting. At least that first interaction!

But upon staying at the @rodamonhostelsbytch in Marrakech I was able to quickly meet a lot of people through just saying ‘Hi’ and knowing most people where in the same boat!

I loved this trip and met amazing people over my 5 days!

Now onto the falls, the Ouzoud falls are a few hours away from the city but well worth the trip.

I organised my tour through the hostel, the falls themselves where spectacular to see and I believe they are the second highest on the continent of Africa!

Be wary when you get there of your ‘guide’ locals usually get on the bus take you on a ‘tour’ and I use that word very loosely and ask for money at the end. You do not need this service as everything is clearly marked, just beware of the monkeys 😂

I brought my swimming shorts but due to the heavy rain they wouldn’t let me swim in the pool 🙁

Would you have swam?

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