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Landing a developer job in web3 is easier than you think! Here’s how! 🧵 #web3 #blockchaindev #blockchaindeveloper #nftdrop #founder #hackathon #typescript created by thirdweb with thirdweb's original sound
web3 is the future of gaming and this video explains it all! 👾

Web3 is the future of gaming, here's why. 👇

In 2021, gamers spent over $54 billion on in-game purchases.

However, there are many issues with the closed ecosystems that come with these games:

- Players invest their time and money but they have zero ownership over their items
- They are unable to capture any value from their efforts once they no longer need those items.

Web3 gaming fixes this.

When games incorporate
#blockchain -based digital assets (in the form of non-fungible tokens, or #NFTs ), players have full ownership over those assets:

This creates a fair, open in-game economy where players share in the financial upside of the success of the game.

In order for #Web3 gaming to reach mass adoption, game developers and studios need the tools to build world-class web3 game experiences that rival or improve on those of traditional games.

That's why we built GamingKit.

We're excited to bring our tools to democratize access for studios and developers to leverage the benefits of building on web3. #blockchain #web3game #unity3d #unrealengine
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