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Antonia Mantonakis, PhD


Teaching vintners & business leaders Consumer Ψ for 20+yrs🍷winepsychologist.com

I’ve seen sales increase by 500% with slight tweaks to a wine label, or to in-store signage. Have you ever worked with someone and seen these kinds of results?

Check out my profile or follow along for more on how you can get into the minds of your customers 🧠

If you want to give your brand a boost ✅

If you need help with re-branding ✅

If you want to understand the trends in wine clubs and how to leverage your existing wine club offerings while evolving into something different ✅

👉🏼I can help you understand your customers based on my 20+ years of work as a consumer psychologist. I can also carry out new research to answer your specific question. Are you ready for it?

🍇What are some ways I’ve collaborated with vintners? I’ve:

-given seminars and workshops on wine marketing 🍷
-given seminars and workshops on consumer behaviour 🍷
-consulted on consumer psychology and behaviour in retail settings vs. online 🍷
-carried out marketing audits for wineries 🍷
-worked “undercover” at a winery to collect consumer data on specific questions 🍷

Anything wine marketing related on the consumer end of the value chain, I’m the collaborator you need ✔️

👉🏼And when you decide to collaborate on a project with me, you have the opportunity to work with my whole team at
@Brock University 🍷It’s a great experience for you, for the students, and for the wine industry as a whole. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? 🍇

✅ Want to learn more about how we can work together? DM me.
✅Want to learn more about what I do, and my research findings? Hit the follow button.
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@BrittDixon 📲

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“What do you do all summer?” Is a question you get asked if you’re a prof…

Here’s a typical summer workday for me: A meeting with a co-author from
@Brock University to go over a conference presentation, manuscript submission, and then some wine tasting! Bonus if we get to chat with our favourite wine maker from Big Head Winery in Niagara on the Lake 🍷

What’s your ideal summer work day? Leave me a comment.

Aren’t work days at a winery THE BEST?

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3 psychological things making you more likely to buy wine that you hadn’t thought of before:

1. The order you taste in: Research shows you’re more likely to buy the first wine you taste of you sample only 2 or 3 wines, but you’re more likely to buy the last wine you tasted if you tried 4 or 5 🍷
2. If there’s a wine maker’s signature on the label AND you have something in common with her or him. Shared home town? Shared identity? Research shows a signature impacts consumers to buy but only if they’re from the same place as the wine maker! We even found the same results with cheese - if the farmer was from the same state as the consumer + signature on packaging 🍷🧀
3. If you’re able to find more info about the wine online later: Research shows if you’re given a prompt to online info 💬 (a QR code, website, or somewhere in “the cloud”) 🙇‍♂️you’re more confident about the wine, and more likely to buy it! We call this the Cue of the Cloud ☁️

Did you know any of these things? Comment below ⤵️

Thinking back to your last wine purchase 🧾, do you think any of these factors influenced you? Let me know in the comments!

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Come with me to learn from the experts 🎓 Some fun facts we learned at the #schoolofcool as part of the Cool Chardonnay Festival events for #i4c23 :

1. Not only does the type of wine barrel matter, but the SIZE of the barrel matters… I could taste the difference!
2. The age of the wine barrel matters too! Some barrels have been used and are re-used, whereas as other barrels are brand new. This can affect the taste of the wine. Did you know this?
3. We all know about terroir or “place”. But at the School of Cool we got to taste wines from the same vineyard, just different blocks. What a difference it made to the taste of the chardonnays we tried. Have you ever done a tasting like this?

How many of these fun facts about Chardonnay did you know? I’d love to hear from you in the comments 🥂

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Have you ever tasted a wine and then completely forgotten the details? Enhancing memory for a wine tasting experience can be helpful to remember 💭and appreciate the nuances of different wines 🍷Here are 3 techniques you can use to enhance your memory in such situations:

🥂Active engagement and focus: Pay close attention to the wine while tasting it. Engage your senses by observing the wine's colour, swirling it in the glass to release aromas, and taking note of the flavours and textures on your palate. Actively focus on the wine's characteristics, such as its aroma, taste, body, and finish. By being fully present and attentive, you can create stronger memory associations ✅

🥂Association and visualization: Create mental associations and visual images to help remember the wine. For example, you can associate the taste of the wine with familiar objects, places, or experiences. Visualize the wine's characteristics and imagine the taste as vividly as possible. This technique taps into the power of visualization and mental imagery, which can aid in memory retention✅

🥂Now this one might sounds silly…. Taking notes or using mnemonic devices: Take notes or use mnemonic devices to capture your observations and impressions. Jot down key details such as the wine's name, grape variety, region, and any unique descriptors. You can also use mnemonic techniques like acronyms, rhymes, or wordplay to create memorable associations. For instance, you could create a catchy phrase or acronym based on the wine's characteristics to help recall it later ✅

🍷 Will you remember these for next time you’re tasting wine? Comment below ⤵️

🍷Hit the follow button for more on consumer psychology ⬆️

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Do you know how your customers decide? 🤔

🛒A common myth about consumer decision making is that it’s purely rational and logical: they carefully evaluate all available information, weigh the pros & cons, and make a rational choice based on the best possible outcome. However, the reality is that consumer decision making is often influenced by various psychological factors that can override strict rationality 🤑

🛍️The fact is that emotions play a significant role in your customer’s or client’s decision making. Research in consumer psychology has shown that people often rely on their emotions, intuition, and gut feelings when making decisions, even when they believe they’re making rational choices. Emotions can shape preferences, impact brand perception, and drive purchasing decisions. Emotions can affect whether sometime buys or not 🍷

💭Furthermore, consumers are influenced by various cognitive biases. What??? Cognitive biases are mental shortcuts or patterns of thinking that can lead to systematic deviations from rationality 🖤 These biases can affect how consumers perceive information, interpret it, and make decisions. For example, confirmation bias, which is the tendency to seek out information that confirms pre-existing beliefs, can lead consumers to selectively process information that aligns with their prior preferences and ignore conflicting evidence 🙊

🗣️ Emotions and cognitive biases significantly impact the choices consumers make, highlighting the importance of understanding consumer psychology when understanding how your clients, customers, and collaborators decide ✅

#thewinepsychologist #consumerpsychology #psychologytiktok
Do you know what these are? Memory errors can influence our recollection and judgment of wine experiences:

1. 🍷 "The power of suggestion": Our memories of wine experiences can be susceptible to suggestion and external influences. For example, if someone describes a wine using specific terms like "oak" or "blackberry," it may influence how we remember the wine's characteristics, even if they weren't initially present or noticeable to us.

🍷 "Peak-end rule": The peak-end rule suggests that our memory of an experience is heavily influenced by the most intense moment and the way it concludes. When it comes to tasting wine, this means that the strongest flavours or aromas we perceive at the height of the tasting, as well as the final impression left on our palate, can disproportionately shape our memory of the entire wine experience.

3. 🍷 "Hindsight bias": Hindsight bias refers to the tendency to remember our past wine experiences as more predictable and obvious than they actually were. After learning about a wine's origin, grape variety, or winemaking techniques, we may falsely believe that we could have predicted those characteristics during the initial tasting, leading to an inaccurate memory of our initial impressions.

These 3 examples remind us to be aware of the potential psychological biases that can distort our memories and to approach wine tastings with a fresh perspective 🍷🍷🍷

🥂 Do you think you’ll remember these 3 biases? Or will you save this for later?

🥂 After reading this, do you think you’ll change how you approach wine tasting?

➡️Follow along for more on the consumer psychology of wine 🥂

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