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The Whet Palette


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#6 World’s Best List

Restaurant lists are great to inspire and encourage food enthusiasts to travel, learn, and step out of their comfort zone. More times than not, they lead diners to great journeys.
At least, that has been my experience.

Sometimes, the suggestions fall flat.
And this is what happened to us at Maido. Ranked at #6 in the WORLD, we couldn't help but have extremely high expectations going in. That's probably part of the issue. Had Maido been a regular Friday night dinner, we would have enjoyed it without questioning every little thing. It was good.

But was it fly there-from-Miami good? Was it the 6th best meal I've ever had? Was it in the top 100 meals I've ever had? Not even close.

There is not enough room here to detail every gripe. Mostly, we felt the courses were unnecessarily oversauced to the point that hid the quality of the very ingredient it was supposed to highlight. Some lacked creativity, or were things we've had many times before. The biggest surprise was the overall lack of "wow" dishes and finesse.

Our party of four was in agreement (not always the case), and we felt disappointed. It definitively wasn't the best way to kick off the trip, given this was our first tasting menu of the trip. Thankfully, albeit regrettably, it was the only one who let us down. Hard.

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Always a magical adventure at 🔸MINIBAR🔸 in DC . #TWPinDC #MINIBARbyJAseries #michelinguide #twomichelinstars #michelinguidedc #finedining #dceats #dcfood #minibardc #minibar

⭐️⭐️ MICHELIN Guide
📍 D.C.

🫧Gin Matcha Sour
🫧Maize Butterfly
Soy Chicharrón
🫧Wagyu & Caviar
Shirako Tempura
🫧Unagi Salmorejo
🫧Aonori Taco
🫧Sesame Tart
🫧Toad in the Hole
🫧Wagyu Aburi
🫧Frozen Salad
🫧Root Beer Float
🫧Strawberry Milk
🫧CTC Donut
🫧Kinako & Cherry
🫧Nori Senbei
🫧Raspberry Wasabi Bonbon
🫧Blood Orange Dreamsicle
🫧Coffee & Whisky
🫧Milk Bread
🛫🌎🇵🇪I flew to Lima, Peru, to dine at the #1 restaurant on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list.

⭐️ Central sits on a large compound, and hides behind imposing iron doors and privacy walls. The walk to the front door took our party through the lush chef’s garden from which the team sources daily. We were welcomed with a quick tour of the seasonal ingredients that would be featured during our meal.

🤯 I now understand the reason why Central is named #1 . Central is Peru. Peru is Central. There is no one without the other. There is purpose and intention in everything at Central. Nothing is left up to chance, from the textures, to the natural color palettes, and mind-blowing artisanship on display. But it’s not a show, although it’s easy for it to feel like it.

🍴 Chef Virgilio Martinez has successfully created an immersive experience at his restaurant by passionately undertaking and achieving the task of showcasing the different Peruvian ecosystems, its terroir, its waterways, and sharing the country’s multifaceted culture—one with heart and an obvious obsessiveness for perfection. The tasting menu, the main event, delivers on flavors. Some expected. Others foreign. All exceptional.

Central is unlike anything I have ever experienced. Bravo! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

#TWPinPERU #worlds50best #finedining #peruviancuisine #peruvianfood #CentralRestaurant #peruvianchef #barrancolima #bucketlisttravel #bucketlisteats #worlds50bestresraurants #limaperu

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