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Celeste Yvonne | Author


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Do you drink at something? What is it? Is it something that feels like you cant say out loud without sounding ungrateful or being labelled a “bad mom.” Drinking kept me small for so long. It wasnt until i stopped drinking that i could let the rage speak up. Get loud. #fedup #emotionallabor #fairplay #sobermom  created by Celeste Yvonne | Author with marianne's original sound
#stitch with @moneywithkatie maybe this is a stretch, but I see this concept of individuation play out so perfectly in Motherhood and why mothers feel so particularly overburdened while also feeling like our hands are tied to seek out help and resources. #motherhood #individuation
Replying to @Kerda thank you so much for asking this question. I write a lot about the mental load of motherhood because so much of it is solvable. And because I want people to be more prepared than I was. ##mentalload ##emotionallabor ##fedup ##fairplay
Replying to @diachiatia my book is coming out on this topic called “It’s not about the Wine: the loaded truth behind Mommy wine culture.” Pre-order it today anywhere books are sold. ##itsnotabouthewine ##sobermom ##mommywineculture ##mentalloadofmotherhood
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