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#billyjoel in #concert @NiagaraFalls
The day I first saw you climb out from under a shed at work I knew you were special. For the next few weeks i watched you swat baby Racoons when your food was put out in the morning until your mom and 2 sisters had eaten, then you’d share with the baby raccoons.
The day I did an overtime shift and you came out on your own. You just watched so curious but kept your distance. I knew then you were coming home. A few weeks later you were trapped for the first time. I was excited and nervous. Went to pick you up after work, and you had escaped! Your nickname was Houdini.
A few days later you were trapped again. I remember how scared you looked and I talked to you all the way home. I promised you I would take care of you every day of your life. Today Is the hardest part of that promise.
Because we couldn’t get near you to check, we assumed you were a little girl, and named you Sookie, it wasn’t until a few weeks later we realized you were a boy, and after a lot of options, we settled on Target 🎯, named because your markings resembled a target on your side. You were a best-friend to Bubba, a confident to Trinity, an adopted son to Rogue, and to Akasha, You won over every animal you met, you always kept your distance from people. Kelly worked for months, literally months determined to pet you. Her determination and your stubbornness were both admirable. I remember how happy you made her when you finally gave in and realized getting pet wasn’t so bad.
One by one our family became smaller, Akasha, Bubba, Rogue, and Trinity. You looked for all of them, Bubba was the hardest, for a few weeks you looked for him night and day. It broke my heart. And we decided to bring Lola home, you were immediately best friends. When you realized Lola was deaf you became her guardian. Always making sure she was ok, still around and safe. Every single night you’d check on her until you knew she was sleeping for the night.
8 weeks ago our world came crashing down with the news that at 9 years old you had cancer. You seemed ok at first, Everything I read said 3-4 weeks, how could that be possible. 2 weeks ago, you caught your first bird on the balcony, you laid it on the floor in the cat/plant room, and came to let us know. You have been a fighter your whole life. I knew that your fight was coming to an end, I held on as long as I could, but I know it’s time… Here we are are. Sitting in the parking lot at the vets. Waiting to take you in. Both Vick and I are here, I promised I’d take care of you every day for forever. I’m so sorry I couldn’t do more. Thank you for coming into my life, for making me laugh, for comforting me, for being such an important addition to our family. You came home October 10, 2012… Say hi to Akasha, Rogue, Bubba, and Trinity. Sweet dreams Target Man. RIP September 23, 2022
Thank you Renee Fleming for making sure his last weeks were comfortable, and checking in even while on vacation in Scotland, for the compassionate team at Guelph Animal Hospital.
#rainbowbridge #RIP #sweetdreams
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