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Our kitchen and dining writer Emma swears by her Staub 🥘🥣 #dutchoven #dutchovencooking #dutchovenrecipes #staubdutchoven  created by the.strategist with L.Dre’s Chillest in the Room
Ruffles Cheddar & Sour Cream Potato Chips and Imperia Royal Ossetra Caviar
“So great story. I wasn’t a caviar person. I happened to go to dinner with a client and some of her friends, and they were all eating caviar. At this part of my life and my career, I hadn’t really been exposed to a lot of things like that. And so, I was just like, “No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I’m okay. I don’t like caviar.” They’re like, “What do you mean, you don’t like caviar?” I was kind of bullied into trying it again, and the way it was given to me made me really love it. It was just on a toast point, with a little butter and crème fraîche, and I was like, “This is delicious. This is divine.” After that, I started making my own version. I prefer it on toast points rather than blinis, and I didn’t have either. I was playing around in the kitchen — and this was long before the TikTok girl who was eating caviar with things like Doritos — and I happened to have some sour-cream-and-cheddar Ruffles. I’m like, “Let me just try it.” I kind of fell in love with that combination. Now all my friends, especially my fashion friends, know that’s my thing. That’s what they send me for birthdays.”

Hermes Birkin 20 Faubourg Sellier Black Matte Alligator Bag
“This particular bag is modeled after the flagship store in Paris. It’s a very rare bag and a very hard-to-get one, so when they offered it to me, I took it. I like to live in my things. I never want to be the person that’s just sticking stuff on the shelf and just looking at it. If we love it, we should wear it as much as possible. I actually just carried it a couple of days ago. It’s sitting on my counter, actually.”

Tom Ford Falconer Sunglasses
“These are my go-tos. Tom Ford is the master of American jet-set luxury, of sleek, minimalistic designs. I just love the design of these sunglasses. I love the way they frame my face.”

Hanes Men’s Jogger Sweatpants
“Sometimes I’ll wear a pair of Hanes sweatpants with a great McQueen coat on top of it. I’m just adding my touches and a little glitter to it. We should be able to have different options and choices. Style shouldn’t be a monolith. It should be a mixture of all types of things. So, yeah, that’s what I get for Christmas, and I’m very happy and thrilled every time I do. I usually tend to go for the grays. I love a white athletic sock. I go from Tom Ford sunglasses to Hanes from Target and Walmart. But actually, that is who I am.”

Traditional Medicianls Organic Peppermint Tea
“I am not a caffeine person. I don’t drink coffee. I have a Pepsi every so often. I don’t drink this every day, but there’s something calming about it. A lot of my choices that I make in life are based on nostalgia. I remember my grandfather, who was one of the only people in my life that I really felt love from, used to always carry peppermints. And although I don’t like eating peppermint candy, there is something about the peppermint tea that is really endearing to me. I can have that flavor and scent that I still remember from being a little boy, and his hugs, and the way he was always going into his pocket and offering me a peppermint.”

Rick Owens Platform Boots
“Rick has actually become kind of a friend. I started wearing his clothes a few years ago. These boots are men’s boots, but they have a 12-centimeter heel. There’s something about how they speak to both of my sides, my masculine side and my feminine side. There’s also a toughness to the shoes and a toughness to the way he designs and an element of rock and roll that is really cool. For a long time, men didn’t have those types of options. To have something that feels very genderfluid personally speaks to both sides of my personality. It was kind of just a match made in heaven. In my mind I’m practical, but probably impractical for a lot of people, but I’ll just wear them. I wear them whenever the feeling moves me to want to be taller than everybody else.”

#lawroach #imperiacaviar #pepperminttea #rickowens #tomford
This is why @tomatos_ can’t live without their Marek + Richard crop tee 🤭🫦 #marekandrichard #croptop #fashion
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