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The Stir-Crazy Crafter


Stitching an icon a day since Jan 1st 2020 Patterns available on Etsy ⬇️




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If you've never used stick & stitch patches, you are really missing out. They are incredibly easy to use. 1. Pick out a clean piece of clothing or sheet of fabric. I used a sweater I wear quite frequently. 2. Peel off the backing of the sticker and secure it to your clothing. 3. Stitch over the patch using whatever colours of thread you want, using your desired embroidery stitches. (I used three strands of DMC embroidery floss). 4. Once finished, fill a bowl with warm soapy water and gently rub at the embroidery until the stabilizer dissolves. Tip: As long as you've secured your thread well, you can absolutely wash any of this clothing in a washer and dryer.  The Floral Stick & Stitch Embroidery Patterns are currently available in my Etsy shop. #embroidery #stickandstitchembroidery  created by The Stir-Crazy Crafter with amaramation's FANTASTIC MR FOX
Replying to @The Stir-Crazy Crafter Wow, May kept me busy like no other month this year has! Let's talk May highlights:

I started out the month by going on a chocolate tour to celebrate my birthday with my boyfriend, I worked on quite a few embroidery projects, I ended up working a market only an hour after volunteering for it, but the highlight of the month was a week spent in the Yorkshire countryside with my boyfriend and his family.

As for my reading goal, I only read three books, mostly because I read The Count of Monte Cristo which is nearly 1,300 pages long. So it took me a few weeks to finish it.

Stay tuned for June updates! #embroidery #embroideryjournal
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