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As we conclude mental health awareness month, we want to remind everyone of how skateboarding can help. Whether it's going to the skatepark, spending time with friends, talking to someone, or doing anything that brings you joy, remember to make time for yourself and find ways to support your mental health.  🎥: @Red Bull #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #skateboarding #skateparks  created by The Skatepark Project with The Skatepark Project's original sound
In this #skateparkstories , TSP Ambassador @Sean Malto talks about his experience growing up with a DIY skate space and how his life was positively impacted by a new skatepark once the city recognized the need for one in his town. Sean shares how skateparks offer a safe place for anyone to gather, build friendships, and have fun! #theskateparkproject #skateboarding #community #skateparks
Tony Hawk's #SkateparkHero starts next week! Here's your chance to win $10K + a skate session with @tonyhawk! Sign Up Here: https://skateparkhero.org
Skatepark (and all) advocates know the courage it takes to show up to a city council meeting and stand up for something you believe in. @Chad and JT have been exploring that stage for years, while making us all giggle at the same time. Now they’ve advocated for skate space (sort of?), to a council with none other than legendary skater (and now City Council Member) Mr. @mikey Taylor. His smile says it all. 

If you want to learn how to REALLY utilize the public process and get a skatepark built or legalize a public street spot, head to skatepark.org/start. In the meantime, we’ll be laughing and loving these to lovable leaders of stoke.
In this #skateparkstories , local NY skater @jiro.skater.platt talks about growing up in the lower east side of New York City and the important role of public skateparks, providing individuals a place to meet up with friends and practice their craft as skaters.

LES Skatepark is Jiro's home park where he recently met up with TSP's Executive Director Benjamin Bashein along with some of the #theskateparkproject team to do an interview for a @nytimes article #community #skatepark #skateboarding
These skateboards were designed and funded by the #NounsDao and assembled by TSP staff, volunteers, and our partner Nixon.

Local youth will receive the skateboards at the GuVo Skatepark Grand Opening celebration on March 15th, 2023.

TSP is proud to support the first skatepark on the Tohono O’odham Nation and is excited to celebrate the opening of the Free As a Bird Skatepark with the community.
#EndureSkateGroup #theskateparkproject #skateparks #community #skateboarding
In this #skateparkstories , @ladymeek shares her origins as a competitive surfer living in Costa Rica to finding skateboarding and now living in California.

Lady talks about the important role skateparks play in helping individuals find their skate community and allow people access to try a new sport.

She also shares how having a public skatepark in your community can provide you access to skate anytime you like without having to rely on a coaching schedule to take part in a sport. #theskateparkproject #skateparks #community #skateboarding
Our Annual @ebay Holiday Auction is live and filled with unique, limited edition items you won't find anywhere else! Take home autographed memorabilia, skate gear, luxury accessories, and more, all while supporting youth and public #skateparks with every purchase 🙌 Head to the eBay auction page today and place your bids! #givingszn #theskateparkproject #skateboarding #auction #holiday
Thank you @Monica Torres for sharing how free public skateparks encouraged you to keep skating and impact they had on your own life! We agree, skateparks can not only change the community, but can have long lasting benefits on the individuals who use them 🛹 #skateparkstories
Epic weekend at @Exposure Skate Official 2022. A day of fun, friends and fundraising for victims of domestic violence. We love seeing major skate events activating a #publicskatepark #theskateparkproject #skateparks #community #skateboarding
In this #skateparkstories , @JB shares how a skatepark being built in her town is the reason why she started skating. Jordyn shares how public skateparks can provide opportunities for kids to practice on the same obstacles the pros are skating in contests from the @X Games to the @Olympics , and how everyone regardless of age, gender or race are always welcome! #theskateparkproject #skateparks #skateboarding #community
In between skating the #vansshowndown2022 at the @usopenofsurf , competitors Justin Henry, @Roman Pabich , and @Shiloh🛹 took a moment to share how #skateparks bring communities together and the important role parks play for youth to connect and practice their craft. #SkateparkStories  

Stay tuned — TSP has more awesome things in store with @Vans coming soon!
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