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Christine Marie Mason


Be free!

The #Monarch #butterflies return every year to the same tree, but when they return they are four generations removed from the butterflies that left. How do they know? It’s always a celebration when they come back… a faith in the long arc processes that hold the world together. Happy Christmas from California!
#roadtrip #iloveyoucalifornia #californiaadventure #californiadreaming

Hi from us 🧡😘🧡

Love this life love this moment love this man!
Walking hiking swimming skiing paddling climbing whatever this year I’ve been experimenting with daily #naturevibes , attuning to and immersing as a an everyday practice… at least an hour of paying attention to the fecund ever generative alive and living #earth , to #Gaia , to #bhumidev - and remembering where we come from makes me feel so grateful and devoted to #stewardship and #care .
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