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There She Goes Again


will travel for food, cafes, bookstores, historic sites, and cats



#stitch with @Danielle Schwab pro travel tip - always avoid a united flight #traveltipa #traveltiktok
#stitch with @Mafalda | For The Plotcast Learned this both in South Africa and Vietnam for different reasons 😂. #traveltips #traveltiktok
I am ride or die for @Taylor Swift but it does no one favors - not you, not fans, not her, not her team to pretend she's perfect and to try to excuse her when she makes very problematic moves. She's Taylor Swift but she's also just a person who we do not actually know. I love her for the care she puts into her craft and the way her music has carried me from adolescence to adulthood. It's okay to still love her music and call out the harm she's doing by so publicly linking herself to such a hateful person. Let people, especially those who are direct victims of his comments, express their disappointment without getting defensive.

And in case anyone from her team sees this - get rid of his gross ass asap!!!!
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