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Seska Lee


THE EVOLUTION OF FEMININE AGEING content creator since ‘98 cancer survivor



#answer to mikejalloul i am Canadian 🍁🇨🇦🦫
Replying to @Jessi what I noticed this past year post hysterectomy and removal of my cervix, ovaries and Fallopian tubes in terms of SEGGS, comfort and desire.
Replying to @Good Stuff On A Budget post 3 months hysterectomy for endometrial cancer
I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer in the summer of 2021. I never resonated with the #fightcancer mentality. I approached my cancer with a sense of gentleness, forgiveness and compassion. I did seek out medical interventions and ultimately had a hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy. I was angry at time. Very angry even. However, I didn’t project that anger outward to friends and family nor inwards. I wrote and did art (I have no skill or talent but I enjoy drawing).
I am a big fan of @MΞLЯ0SΞ MICHAΞLS and her work with @SWCEO and her merch/attire company @ShopNetWorthy . I met her briefly when I went to XBIZMIAMI last May and I hope to chat with her this spring when I got again. If you are looking to become a content creator, model, performer of the pleasure variety her free resources are a great place to start.
#stitch with @InsideOF Podcast I have faked in the past (in my 20s and 30s) but rarely in relationships with my fellow GenX because we took the time to play and explore. What I find now when I’m with men they don’t even try at all to help me get there. I ask and it’s seconds of attention at best. So I let my fingers do the walking. Is there some education the millennials missed out in? If you are a millennial femme are you getting the physical attention need go through the pleasure cycle?
#stitch with @meg I enjoyed her #singlelady #solovalentinesday and I share a bit about mine as a #maturewoman newly in a #triad #longdistancerelationship
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