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Miss Kerr | Kerry-Ann Wright


🦄💫 Toronto🇨🇦 Voice Actor/Creative Model/Dancer Get my 🥵🔥 calendar 💙👇🏽



Happy #steakandbjday ! My gift to you is 20% off my spicy calensar until end of day tmr! Enjoy!
#question from
Q: What is #blacklove to you and how do you express it?
I express it by being brave enough to show up and be present, trust in the narratives of what I believe in and simply be myself. I take a full-ass, 100/100, approach to love, every time, and I’ll continue to do so until the numbers balance on both sides of the spectrum. 💙
They don’t want us to love each other fully, because when we do we’re unstoppable. They don’t want us to believe that we can love each other in healthy and supportive ways, because when we do we thrive and create community. They don’t want us to experience the full capacity of our love, because our potential surpasses that of their wildest imaginings.
I want us to love in ways they make us believe is only achievable in fantasies, but in reality our love is what we make it when we’re committed to making our love as unique as we were made ourselves. #mksoul143
#misskerrondemand #lovelikekerr #womanofalifetime
#duet with @Miss Kerr | Kerry-Ann Wright #Duet #draftdump
Have you gotten my calendar yet? 👀
#misskerrkiki 😂😂🤭🤭🤭 @willsmith
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