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Replying to @silverfrost9 Going on a cruise can be such a mystery!! Sometimes I think about how we get on a floating city for a week in the middle of the ocean and just trust the process 🤣 One tip if you get a cabin with a balcony…don’t look out at the ocean at night. Its so dark, endless, and creepy #cruisetok #cruisetiktok #cruiselife #vacationmode #jewishtiktok
Replying to @orange.blush this answer is for those who take birth control. In many communities, Orthodox jewish married women won’t use birth control unless they must for their health. In my community and many other orthodox communities, birth control is widely accepted #jewishtiktok #modernorthodox #orthodoxjewishlife #birthcontrol #jewtok
Replying to @ashleigh_el in the hospital, we don’t just stop keeping Shabbos. That means I wouldn’t just watch TV on Shabbos, turn on and off lights, etc. Breaking a law to save your life doesn’t mean Shabbos is done. It doesn’t have to be so black and white #shabbos #jewishtiktok #orthodoxjewishlife #jewtok #jewishlife #jewishlaw
Replying to @imafiance we do our best to change the date of the auto pay BUT if it happens on Shabbos and we can’t change it, then it’s something out of our control #autopay #orthodoxjewishlife #jewishtiktok #shabbos
Replying to @aprilove143 there are also people who don’t heat up food on Shabbos day (Saturday lunch) and choose cold/room temperature foods instead. So they’ll pick foods that taste good at room temp, like a deli platter and chicken schnitzel, salads, hummus and othet dips, and also make a cholent before Shabbos, which is a jewish stew that cooks in a crockpot overnight #jewishfood #shabbosfood #shabboscooking #orthodoxjewishlife #jewishtiktok
Replying to @danielle_dawn_41 we don’t need to sit in the dark and freeze on Shabbos, I promise. We can set up the house before Shabbos with all the things we need and then just leave it alone during the 25 hours of Shabbos. Not take a shot every time I say Shabbos 😘 #shabbos #babyitscoldoutside #orthodoxjewishlife #jewishtiktok
Replying to @tashafansler5 not sure when’s the next time I’ll be seeing @thatjinjyjew and I miss them!! I’ll be in Boynton Beach for part of Pesach but it’s a little far from Moses and Zippora #gambling #thatjinjyjew #jewishtiktok #orthodoxjewishlife #jewishtiktok
Replying to @cantbeleft_unsupervised if someone wants to warm a baby bottle on Shabbos, they can use the hot water from the urn. Some jewish homes even set up more than 1 urn so they never run out of water. We’ve done that when we have guests staying over for Shabbos #hotwaterheater #shabbosmode #jewishtiktok #orthodoxjewishlife #sabbathkeepers
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