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#duet with @TheQuoteBibles #jayalderton Box breathing is amazing for overcome anxiety. Try this. #anxiety #anxietyrelief #overcomeanxiety #tipsandtricks #mentalhealth #calmdown #breathe #foryou #foryoupage
It’s that time of year where we start setting goals and prioritize what we hope to accomplish next year! I would like you to try setting the affirmations rather than resolutions, and here’s why. A resolution is basically a make-it-or-break-it promise. For example, you set a New Years resolution to hit the gym 5 days a week. This idea seems like a quick win to beat the post holiday weight gain, or a simply wanting to look and feel better. What you have done is set the bar unrealistically high. If you don’t go 5 days a week, a shrug of the shoulder, and everything is as it was before setting the resolution. Conversely, an affirmation is a consciously directed thought for the present moment; one that will manifest or attract something into your life. A comparable affirmation for the above resolution would be something like “I feel healthier and stronger when I exercise regularly and take care of myself”. When you change your mindset and make a commitment towards a disciplined thought, you are preparing your subconscious mind with positivity, happiness and success and are able to change thought patterns that typically hold you back. These positive thoughts and reminders translate into productive actions and goals!  So every morning starting January 1st, plan to set aside a few moments and go over the affirmations that resonate with you! Personally, I prefer to say my affirmations in front of the mirror. Here are two of my favorite affirmations that I made for my clients. Find the ones that reflect who you are and your future goals and with consistent use, see the changes you want come to fruition! “I am so happy and grateful in my body and enjoying the great health and happiness. My blood pressure is in normal rage and I’m enjoying my long walks in nature”. “I am happy with who I am and enjoying the journey of my life. Every step that I take leads me to a fruitful place” Feel free to send me your resolutions so that I can help you to make your personalised affirmations. Or book a call by using the link in my bio.#2023 #foryou #foryoupage❤️❤️ #4you #4yp #newyearnewmio #welcome2023 #lifecoaching #lifecoachingforwomen #mindfulness #affirmations
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