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🍌19 Year Raw Vegan RHN, Coach, Chef & Pro Skater💥 http://TheRawAdvantage.com

Enjoy this snippet from video 6 of 7 Diving into reasons people say they can not succeed on an 80/10/10 diet, This time “The Raw Food Diet is Way Too Restrictive” with the author himself, @drdouglasgraham 💥

Check the entire video and written Post for more here 👉 https://therawadvantage.com/the-raw-food-diet-is-way-too-restrictive/

Other key Topics Discussed in the video…

💥If there were no negative repercussions of eating cooked, would Dr. Graham eat Cooked?
💥If you want to be healthy do you have to be fit?
💥Does 80/10/10 only work for endurance athletes, what about strength and bodybuilding?
💥Is there any truth to the concept of fast metabolizers and slow metabolizers?
💥Is it true you need to eat less and less the longer on a raw food diet?
💥Is the 80/10/10 diet too Idealistic or Too Healthy?
And More!❤️

Thanks so much to @drdouglasgraham for doing these videos with me, we both hope they help you bust through barriers and come to thrive with a healthy holistic raw food lifestyle❤️

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