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The Notorious Lifters Gen 2 : Legacy Collection - DRAGON | GUARDIAN | BUSHIDO CODE 2.0 is now available in the PH. Get your limited edition NLG2 Legacy Collection by shopping only at www.therack.co.

The Notorious Lifters Gen 2 (NLG2) features exceptional traction, engineered for a minimalist, barefoot sensation while striking a harmonious balance between minimalism, comfort, and grip. It lets you stay closely connected to the ground and amplify sensory perception.

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Face-down-on-bench movements are an excellent way to develop upper body strength and further refine your lats, shoulders, and traps. But for some lifters, like women or those nursing injuries, this position can put unwanted pressure and sensitivity to the chest area. These movements are difficult enough, they shouldn’t be uncomfortable too. But all of that changes when the AbMat Chest Up Pad is in use!

Designed by powerlifter and bodybuilder Bonnie Schroeder, in collaboration with AbMat, lifters can take pressure of the chest when doing face down exercises with the Chest Up Pad as it is made with several layers of firm foam that keep your chest elevated and off of the bench. It’s perfect for anyone who experiences any type of discomfort or sensitivity during in the position.

Mindful of functionality, lifters can even use with any standard bench as it comes with super stretchy straps that attach to the back of the bench. It also has a grippy surface to help keep it in place and is compact enough to fit in your gym bags.

The AbMat Chest Up Pad, and all other US-made innovative foam products for home gym and strength training facilities are exclusively available at http://TheRack.Co!

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