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The Quirky Cup Co


Sydonie Owner + Artist at The Quirky Cup Collective Worldwide shipping🌎


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Packing this reading journal for a book lover who wants to keep track of their books, TBR’s, and everything bookish📚📝 #thereadingjournal #bookworm #orderpacking  created by The Quirky Cup Co with 田东昱’s La vie en rose (Cover Edith Piaf)
Replying to @Raven no shade, just a polite educational video on postage for people who might not have thought too deeply about it 📦
Replying to @Raven if you want to come run my business you’re welcome to 🫶🏼 #customersbelike
Replying to @Sumi Shodō i think this is pretty dang flat for a chonky book such as the reading journal 👍🏼 #thereadingjournal
Replying to @Eva a little closer look at our reading journal stamps! Stamps for your journal shelves, book genres and a set for my fantasy gworliez ✨ #readingjournal #bookishtiktok
Replying to @helloangie1102 here’s a closer look at the inside of our wonderland 2024 planner ✨ #plannerinspiration
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