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Original Clear Aligner Tools & Accessories for a Better Treatment Experience

Hands-free Invisalign Removal & Placement #invisalign #invisalignproblems #invisalignjourney #invisaligntips #invisalignhack #teethhacks @thebentist created by PULTOOL Shop with SAINt JHN’s Roses - Imanbek Remix
GOLDEN RULE for Invisalign or Clear Aligner Treatment:

Wear 👏 Your 👏 Aligners👏

We always told our patients that the success of clear aligner treatment is highly dependent on how compliant our patients are with wearing their aligners, and wearing their aligners correctly. Even if your dentist graduated from Harvard Dental School, their treatment plan for you means nothing if aligners are not worn for 20-22 hours / day!

Unlike traditional braces where the brackets are glued on and on your teeth 24/7- which ensures treatment success, clear aligners have micro movements programmed into them, and can have a domino effect of teeth not tracking if they are not worn full time, and not seated fully.

You’ll know you’re wearing your aligners enough and wearing them correctly if the gap between your teeth and aligner is fully closed by the time you switch to your next tray. We recommend our patients bite down on aligner seating tools like our BITE ME Tool for 2-3minutes after EACH time they put their aligners back in, or total of 10-15 minutes per day.

If our patients can’t wear their aligners for 20-22 hours/day (especially tough to keep this target time during Holidays), we recommend that they use our BITE ME Tool for even longer to help give teeth the extra leverage they need to fit into their aligners.
I created these tools and accessories to give our clear aligner patients a better treatment experience, and hope it helps you too.

Best of luck with your clear aligner journey🤞🏼

Happy PULing!

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