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The Power Of Awe


M. Amster & J. Eagle present the clinically proven A.W.E. method. Out now!

Q: How often is your mind the source of your suffering?

A: More than you think!

#AWEMethod helps to shift your perspective and lighten your load... all in a matter of seconds.

Discover #ThePowerOfAwe at thepowerofawe.com
Building your #AWE muscle is about so much more than just feeling good in the moment. It changes your physiology in a profound and long-lasting way. And the more we practice A.W.E., the more spontaneous our awe moments become.

Discover #ThePowerOfAwe at thepowerofawe.com
Like snowflakes, every experience of #awe is unique—even the intensity with which you feel it.

Ranging from the subtle to the awegasmic, the sensations that arise help you feel more present, soften into a state of relaxation, and even expand your sense of time into one of timelessness.

Yes, it's as blissful as it sounds! Discover your #MomentOfAwe at thepowerofawe.com

#ThePowerOfAwe #MicrodoseMindfulness #AWEgasmic
You may have heard the saying, “comparison is the thief of joy” but it can also rob you of the feeling of #awe . The benefits of which we can't afford to miss out on.

Listen in to learn why comparison and constriction keep us stuck in safety consciousness, and how the simple practice of the A.W.E. Method can transform and expand your experience into something a lot roomier. AKA: spacious!

Discover #ThePowerOfAwe at thepowerofawe.com

#awe #awemethod
Did you know that you can feel connected to others even when you're alone? 🤔

That’s because A.W.E. gives us some control over our loneliness. Using the A.W.E. Method, we don’t need a companion to come and be our friend (although that would be welcome). In
#awe , we experience a sense of connection that is not dependent on other people.

This sense of connection is an awe trait, and many studies have shown that awe leads to connection by getting us to focus less on self, become more aware of our interconnectedness to others, and even feel a sense of oneness with other people.

Discover #ThePowerOfAwe at thepowerofawe.com

#awe #AweMethod
Thank you, Judson Brewer, we hope that discovering #ThePowerOfAwe with the A.W.E. Method will help alleviate suffering for people, any time, any place.

Discover #ThePowerOfAwe at thepowerofawe.com
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