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SOCIAL MEDIA ASSISTANT (GRAPHIC DESIGN) FREELANCE POSITION   3 Month initial trial period Creating 500+ Video posts per month, Working across 20+ accounts (With a view to increase) Remote Working - UK Only (Warwickshire/West Midlands based preferred but not essential) Please send your rate when applying Start Date: ASAP Closing Date: 12th June 2023 created by The Pond Parlor with MEYY's Pretty (Sped Up)
#duet with @Avanzakliniken #fillers Close up😍🥰 building your online confidence doesn’t have to be dancing or trends. Give your audience a close up front row seat to your next treatment, and watch them fall in love 😍
#duet with @E L L A #answer
Do you wait for clients to contact you or do you reach out?
Thank you Ella for the perfect description of how toxins can be used!
#duet with @Coral #lipfiller
This video is the perfect example of why comments are so important. The more comments the more views!
#skippingchallenge for Cancer Research UK!! 100 skips a day to raise money for this amazing charity
#stitch with @Chloe McFarlane The silence is too loud! Who else saw this and went to grab some water 😥 This video is great to show your clients exactly what H2O does for Dermal Fillers #aesthetics #lipfiller #dermalfillers #aestheticpractitioner #ukbeauty #beautytrends
How to Show your Process!

One amazing take on content that
#tiktok has shown us is transitions keep people interested. By putting together clips of your work and showing a process your clients will pay attention.

I love that this practitioner although it’s one process breaks up the frame to show the different angles and points of the process which helps with our natural attention span that needs change every few seconds to keep us interested🥰

Credit: To the clinic

Do you know how to do transitions?

#aestheticstraining #fillertraining #fillercourse #UKaesthetics #aesthetictherapist
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