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1. Perfectionism: It’s the arch-nemesis of progress. Strive for excellence, not perfection.
2. The Solo Journey: Writing is personal, but success doesn’t have to be solitary. Build your tribe.
3. Comparison: Your voice is unique; let’s not mute it by comparing it to others.
4. Fear of Rejection: Every ‘no’ leads closer to a ‘yes’. Embrace feedback and keep honing your craft.
5. Rigid Schedules: Inspiration doesn’t clock in and out. Balance structure with flexibility.

Ever feel like your writing career is a plane on the runway, revved up but just not taking off? Well, my friends, it’s time to jettison some dead weight to soar into 2024. Here are five things we’re leaving behind:

Firstly, Perfectionism - it’s like quicksand for creativity. Let’s embrace the beauty of drafts that are rough around the edges; that’s where the growth happens.

Secondly, The Solo Journey - even soloists have an orchestra. Connect, collaborate, and expand your horizons with fellow wordsmiths.

Next, Comparison - ditch it. Your story isn’t meant to fit someone else’s book cover. Revel in your unique plot twists and character quirks.

Fear of Rejection - it’s tough, I know. But every masterpiece has its critics. Each rejection is a step toward your book finding its perfect reader.

And lastly, Rigid Schedules - let’s not pen in our muse. Structured writing time? Yes. But also moments of wild, unbridled brainstorming that obey no schedule.

Think about it, as we step into the new year, we’re trading in these old habits for a writing life that’s less about survival, and more about thrival. Imagine the stories that will flow!

Let’s chat in the comments about what you’re leaving behind. And remember, every word you write is a beat of your heart on the page. Let’s make it count!
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