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Habibi Bears✨Trained Puppies


The intuitive breed created for Autism✨Service✨Therapy #habibibears #servicedog


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The more I am present with my dogs, they teach me about so many aspects of being a better person.

I started my journey as many of us do, believing in the concept of “Master and dog”.

But this just doesn’t resonate at any level with me at this stage in my life.

In fact I have had to forgive myself for not knowing better and using aversive methods that are still in use with mainstream training.

Dogs are our conscious companions, and reducing them to a pet who must be controlled and commanded to obey feels just… horrible to me.

Our dogs are naturally able to shift our perceptions, calm our anxiety and demonstrate unconditional love. They are our heroes and save our lives! We shared a story a week ago about a five month old Habibi Bear who literally saves her family- without any formal training to do so.

How is this even possible you may wonder? Well, it starts with seeing the relationship as an equal energy exchange. Stop trying to control their behavior and start looking within to see how you can shift your expectations of obedience to a request. Do you want your dog to “want to do things” you ask? Show up for them! Be the human they can trust will always have their back. And when you are meeting all their needs fully - mind, body, spirit….giving them time for joy- time to do the things dogs love to do…. They will appreciate it and want to do the things you are asking of them.

At Habibi Bears we are taking a stance of advocating for dogs. And that starts with a radical shift from obedience training to holistic training. I’m studying under one of the nations leaders in holistic training- and my mind is blown. My life is changed. And I feel as if I’m seeing my dogs through new eyes.

I can’t wait to share this process with you - in my new program that will be unveiled soon! Get on the waiting list to be one of the first folks to receive the info on how to cultivate a deep connection through the art of puppy parenting!

Experience the Habibi Bear Magic
#Habibibears #habibibeartribe #holisticdogparenting
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